Refined details from Laufen at the Park Knezeva, Croatia

Photo credit: Jure Živković

The award-winning SONAR collection from Laufen fits perfectly into the newest residential project in the heart of Zagreb.

Guided by the vision to create exceptional projects in terms of quality, architectural value and sustainability, developer VMD Model has been making a significant impact on the capital of Croatia. Park Kneževa has created a green oasis in this once neglected and devasted area of Zagreb between Bornina and Branimirova and Domagojeva and Erdodyjeva streets. The exceptional amount of greenery that surrounds the residential and commercial spaces, at all levels, provides a positive environment for living and is the main feature of this project.

The scheme follows the highest standards of green construction and care for the environment including a rainwater collection system for irrigation, integral waste disposal and the installation of the highest quality materials and equipment to maximise product life cycles. In addition, the application of special technical solutions ensure low energy consumption and achievement of the high energy standard A+.

The residential areas of Park Kneževa offer the possibility of personalisation according to one’s own lifestyle, whether it is an apartment with a loggia or terrace, or a house with a garden in the centre of the city. The clean design lines of the SONAR collection by Patricia Urquiola, combined with the exceptional quality of Saphirkeramik and Marbond materials create a luxurious and comfortable bathroom space. The residents also had the option to select the more architectural Kartell • LAUFEN collection if their tastes ran towards more angular shapes. Both could be complemented with elegant, yet robust Boutique furniture for storage of the essentials.

While the essence of the project is a quiet enjoyment of nature, there is also much to be said about the importance the developer placed on excellent craftsmanship, refined design, exquisite materials and an exceptionally high level of service that LAUFEN provided. The local team of LAUFEN supported the developer and the architect throughout the project by sharing knowledge and ideas while the wide range of products offered through this collaboration between LAUFEN, the architecture studio 3LHD as well as the developer VMD Model ensured the satisfaction of every future resident.

Developer: Model VMD 

Architecture and design: 3LHD