Reduced prices on all leather and wooden items – made in EU

by | 17 Jul 2020 | Products

Room folder and tray, handmade in EU

SFP Hospitality GmbH is a Berlin-based OS&E-supplier with a wide range of handmade leather and wood items like menu covers, room folders, trays, and waste bins. The family-owned company produces in the EU from high-quality materials like genuine leather, PU leather and natural wood. To support hotels and restaurants in such uncertain times, SFP offers generous discounts on all products – even face masks and disinfectants. It is clear, that especially OS&E budgets for this year have been reduced to the bare minimum, so SFP is willing to offer high-quality handmade items to the most competitive prices. In the end, it would be more expensive to buy low-quality products this year and replacing them soon, thus paying twice. All PU leather and wooden items can be easily disinfected to ensure compliance with COVID-related regulations. Specialised disinfectants and comprehensive manuals are available upon request.

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„We are a family owned and managed business, based in Berlin. Our core competence is the production of high-quality leather and wooden goods for hotel rooms, bathrooms, restaurants, caterers, cafés, bars and marketing agencies.”