Only now: Five years’ warranty on InductWarm®

by | 04 Sep 2020 | Products

Benefit from five years’ warranty for induction units from Gastros Switzerland

If you place your order in September 2020, you will benefit from five years’ warranty on special induction systems for smart buffet solutions.

Gastros Switzerland, the manufacturer of induction units for hot holding, wants to reward customers’ trust. Therefore, the company increases the standard warranty for their high-quality devices for a short period. All incoming purchase orders until September 30, 2020 will benefit from 5 years warranty on the following induction units:

  • InductWarm® 130+ undercounter induction units
  • InductWarm® 130 tabletop induction units
  • InductWarm® 200 built-in inductions units
  • InductWarm® 200 tabletop induction units

InductWarm® combines outstanding design options for modern, individual buffets with unbeatable benefits: Keeping food warm with InductWarm® is energy and cost efficient, safe and the power can be regulated very precise. Learn more about the advantages and unique features like Dynamic Power Control, programmable power levels, highest energy efficiency and much more on the website of Gastros Switzerland:


With its InductWarm range, Gastros Switzerland offers innovative buffet solutions for keeping food warm based on induction technology.

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  • Would it be possible to publish this article early in the month September because it is about a promotion with deadline end of September.

  • September 20
  • Benefit from 5 years warranty for induction units from Gastros Switzerland.