Oliver Hemming 2022 collection news

New Designs, patents, and product upgrades for 2022.

Oliver Hemming 2022 collection news

by | 26 Jan 2022 | Products

New Designs, patents, and product upgrades for 2022.

We have a few new products for 2022, some product improvements and some new designs we would like to share with you. To keep it simple the headlines are:

 1.  New Obsession Plus series of Luxury alarm – a beautiful top end dial enhancement, similar to a luxury Swiss watch, with real 3d metal indexes. 

2.  New sealing ring on glass of all our alarm clocks, which means they are more Humidity proof, it’s a higher quality method of sealing the glass in place. 

3.  New Patent has been granted for our on-off light feature on all our alarm clocks. 

4.  New Songbird upgrades includes a volume limiter and later we will add usb A charging as well as usb C, a built-in battery for the clock and a one-time alarm function. 

5.  New dial faces for the Desire and Obsession alarm Clocks. 

6.  New brushed finished for the Gold and stainless-steel Desire and Obsession alarm clocks. 

We look forward to working with you in 2022 and wish you a safe a prosperous year!



An award-winning collection of Bluetooth speakers and luxury alarm clocks by British designer Oliver Hemming.