Noble MetallArt railing design at the four-star Nash Airport Hotel

by | 17 Jun 2021 | Products

Steel balustrade stringers from MetallArt in high-end finish featuring a sophisticated LED lighting system for the handrails are combined with transparent all-glass railings to emphasise the upscale atmosphere of Nash Airport Hotel in Geneva.

Just a few minutes from Geneva city centre and near the UN headquarters, the exclusive four-star airport hotel with international character welcomes its guests with 177 rooms and extensive facilities for a most pleasant stay. Combining modernity and comfort, the interior concept of this location is characterised by high-quality materials and premium design.

Impressive steel balustrades and stylish stainless steel handrails over multiple floors

MetallArt realised the entire railing concept for the existing concrete stairs extending over ten floors. Besides their appealing look, the curved parapet-high steel balustrades guarantee fall-protection and run on both sides of the staircases and the intermediate landings. The steel frames made of steel sheet with a thickness of approximately 10 – 15 mm serve at the same time as steel balustrade and were executed in an evenly rounded and ascending design.

To mask the lateral view of the concrete structure, the steel sheets were extended downwards and fixed on the raw stairs by welded steel brackets. For the handrail, a stainless steel round tube with a diameter of approximately 42 mm was fixed to the inner steel stringers. The slim appearance harmonises perfectly with the elegant railing in white lacquered finish.

LED lighting solution captivates in masterly execution

A visual highlight is the demanding indirect LED lighting installed at the handrails of the complete staircase construction. Above all, it convinces due to the completely flush integration of the luminaires on the underside of the round stainless steel handrails.

For the optimal illumination of the walking area, the spots were fitted at an angle with regard to the vertical line. The light intensity can be controlled by means of a dimmer.

All-glass railings in inspiring design

From the ground level up to the last floor of the building, the MetallArt experts mounted transparent all-glass railings at each of the round ceiling edges. The single panes consist of tempered and laminated safety glass with a thickness of 20 mm and an impressive length of up to 1,600 mm.

These curved glass balustrades run in evenly rounded design and were realised by means of a highly sophisticated assembly technology. Therefore, the panes were inserted into a bottom glass pocket and subsequently glued and optically sealed.

The construction was completed with top-attached stainless steel profiles providing for the protection of the glass edges but also as discreet handrail in supreme quality.

About MetallArt

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With fresh ideas and great passion for the design and execution of projects, MetallArt plays a leading role in innovative stair constructions.



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