New everyday helpers – new innovations

New everyday helpers - new innovations from Kärcher. Our BVL 3/1 Bp backpack vacuum cleaner, our CV 30/2 Bp carpet vacuum cleaner and our Flexomate trolley line.

Our drive was and still is the customer with all his needs and challenges. And because today these needs and challenges are becoming increasingly complex, we must be pioneering and cooperative when working on innovations. For example our backpack vacuum cleaner BVL 3/1 Bp Pack, Trolley line Flexomate and our Carpet vacuum cleaner CV 30/2 Bp.

So much more than just a cleaning trolley: Our new Flexomate platform from Kärcher

Hotels are influenced on costs, time and quality across all sectors – so every detail counts in technology and equipment. The new Flexomate cleaning trolley platform from Kärcher is based on a modular concept, creating a high level of investment reliability across the whole lifecycle. Users benefit from the cleaning trolley’s process-oriented design, as well as its ergonomic overall concept.
The elements provide height-adjustable handles and tip boxes, which facilitate ergonomic working. All surfaces of the trolley are easy to clean.

What’s more, the system is accessible from all sides and more than five machines, such as vacuums, can easily be carried. This cuts out unnecessary journeys, reducing cleaning time by up to 15 per cent. The right machines are available for every cleaning task, which improves quality with considerably less physical strain.

A product design concepts that are particularly sustainable and conserve resources: Recycled plastic is used for the bucket, the tray and drawers.

Kärcher BVL 3/1 Bp Pack: The cordless backpack vacuum product family has a new addition – Lightweight, ergonomic, flexible

The body of the backpack vacuum is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), a robust, ultra-lightweight and noise-absorbing material that is also 100% recyclable. With the 36-volt battery inserted, the BVL 3/1 Bp weighs less than 5 kilograms in total. It’s comfortable to work with thanks to the ergonomic carrying strap and a flexible suction hose that can be adjusted for left-handed or right-handed users.

Besides the ergonomic benefits, the backpack vacuum also impresses with high suction power and a long battery runtime. In energy-efficient mode, it can keep vacuuming for 52 minutes non-stop. The waste container has a capacity of three litres. Like its larger counterpart, the BVL 5/1 Bp, this model has a brushless turbine to guarantee a longer service life.

Flat, flatter, the Carpet Vacuum Cleaner CV 30/2 Bp

No cable, no socket, powerful cleaning wherever necessary with this ultra-flat upright brush-type vacuum cleaner.

This solution is innovated because it is equipped with an automatic floor detection which always delivers the best cleaning performance on hard- and textile floors. Thanks to the innovative brush-cleaning function, entangled hairs are cut in the brush and then sucked in immediately. Ultra-hygienic, fast and thorough!

It is the world’s first professional battery-operated upright brush-type vacuum cleaner with automatic floor detection, roller brush self-cleaning function and an ultra flat design

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