Mirror light control manufactured by Hera

by | 02 Apr 2021 | Products

Always in the right light!

Ideal for use in the bathroom or dressing area, for optional assessment of the appearance in different light scenarios. Simple and intuitive operation, versatile, colour appearance gradually and continuously adjustable between 2700-6500K.

Couldn’t be easier: through the deliberate integration into the mirror surface, the user easily selects, among other things, the light intensity and brightness.

The right colour appearance and intensity of light are crucial for wellbeing. Here scores the mirror light control; lighting scenes can be adapted to the respective day time, activity and mood simply by the touch switch.

As an alternative to the touch switch, an IR sensor (eg on the bathroom furniture) can also be selected. This is suitable for drilling in and sticking.

With the Hera mirror light control, you can select three colour appearances (2900K, 3500K, 5000K) and adjust them continuously. In addition, the intensity can be set via two additional touch switches and the light can be switched on or off.

A built-in memory function guarantees the last setting after switching on again or after disconnecting from the main power supply.

The main advantages summarised

  • The various options can be activated by a short touch
  • The switching options are illuminated and thus easily recognisable and understandable
  • When the optional PIR motion sensor is connected, it will turn off the lights after the preset time (16 seconds, 3 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes) if there is no movement
  • The Hera mirror light control is versatile, eg in furniture and bathroom, in shopfitting (changing rooms)
  • Also ideal for hotels
  • The colour appearance is infinitely adjustable between 2700-5000K
  • The module transformer has a power of 60W and can be expanded as required using a repeater
  • The Hera mirror control fits perfectly to the Hera system concept and can therefore be scaled to any size and combined with all Hera luminaires
  • Using the Hera configurator, you can create any individual lighting solution



As a family company in its third generation, Hera develops, produces and sells LED lighting for the furniture industry as well as for shopfitting and exhibition-stand construction.

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  • Always in the right light!