Made to measure with Revol: Creator and manufacturer of objects for brands

From iconic products and one-of-a-kind pieces to high-quality business gifts, Revol puts its expertise at the service of brands with custom-made products perfectly suited to their needs.

A special gift for privileged partners or customers, exclusive promotional items, to give a prestigious and premium aspect or personalise a product for limited series or events…Revol conceives bespoke products for a variety of purposes!

The art of custom-made products

Revol’s team helps to give shape to any project, assisting the company every step of the way when needed. Customised products have high potential to become part of the brand’s history, and Revol is glad to contribute in its own way to the identity of various companies. Made-to-measure objects involve the creativity and passion of the porcelain workers!

The family business is proud to be one of the few porcelain producers to make its own natural colours and enamels. This means that there is a vast choice of options to choose from for the look of the product to get the perfect and desired mixture of colours. The factory will also adapt depending on the quantity of products required, whether it is an industrial production or smaller series.

While there are naturally many customised products for F&B brands, the company also develops different items related to the perfumes, spirits, decoration and other fields, adapting its offer depending on its clients’ needs.

Let’s see some examples of Revol’s works!

The historic jug

One of the famous Revol’s realisations is the well-known ‘pichet Ricard’, a pitcher made in 1937 for the anise and liquorice-flavoured drink company. Designed by Paul Ricard and manufactured by Revol, it has become an iconic object, reminiscent of a brand and memories.

Pastis, along with its recipient, became a symbol of bistros and terraces, especially in the south of France. Some of these pieces even became collection objects.

In 2018, Revol was contacted to produce the new jug, designed by Ricard and the creative studio 5.5, revisiting and perpetuating the history of the classic pichet Ricard.

The new Ricard jug

Starting from an existing product…

The Froissés collection (Crumpled Cups) is particularly popular and adaptable, as demonstrated by the many designs that these original cups have had throughout the years.

A customised crumpled cup for Carte Noire

Some customers will go for an existing shape and change the colours, add a design or a pattern, a logo, the name of their brand, a personalised stamp…They will customise one of Revol’s item to their needs and tastes, transforming it to their image.

Or creating a whole new object

Made-to-measure projects also offer the opportunity to make a new product, specifically conceived according to the customers wishes. There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to items made of porcelain and Revol has built the know-how to create and design original products, which are not only related to the culinary and tabletop fields.

Some examples among many others are the manufacturing of bottles, catalytic lamps or perfumed candles for high-end brands.

Durance on the left and Berger lamps on the right

Learn more about Revol’s customised objects here!



Revol Porcelain is a French family-owned culinary porcelain manufacturer since 1768, blending tradition with innovation.