Refurbished as modern Chinese restaurant with vibrant Cantonese ambience

Scouted Chinese chefs present the essence of Cantonese cuisine

Provides special service such as tea performance by tea sommelier

LOTTE HOTEL WORLD newly opened its Chinese restaurant, TOH LIM the CANTON TABLE from January 1st, 2023.

Opened in 1988, LOTTE HOTEL WORLD’s TohLim has been representing the hotel and its neighbourhood, Songpa-gu, Seoul. With its heritage intact, TohLim transformed into a trendy, modernized Chinese restaurant while preserving its philosophy and service. A refined, modern casual Chinese fine dining TOH LIM the CANTON TABLE has its base on Cantonese cuisine and presents new style with Sichuan and Korean seasonal ingredients.

Overall interior creates a sensible ambience by using jade green, natural wooden tone, and metal. Moreover, to align with the restaurant’s name – paradise in English – artworks including paintings and potteries of paradise are displayed, evoking a gallery-like atmosphere.

The space is organized efficiently and diversely. With 1.5 times increased seating capacity, 146 seats are accommodated in a 955m2 space, including eight private dining rooms of four to 12 pax.

In the middle of the hall lies tea station, the signature service of TOH LIM the CANTON TABLE. Including the Blooming Tea which a flower literally blooms in the blended tea, the tea station offers 15 selection handpicked by tea sommelier. Tea performance by sommelier is also presented to those who order tea.

Menus are entirely new as well. Guests can treat themselves to various menus including dim sum and barbecued cuisine such as Pecking duck. In particular, by scouting chefs from mainland China, Cantonese basis and essence were re-created as it is.

Chef Haidong Xu who initiated recipe from the biggest Pecking duck restaurant in China, creates the best gustatory experience with fire pot oven specially made for Pecking duck. To maximise crispy duck skin and flavour, the duck is matured for 12 hours at a low temperature. Plating service is also presented by chef at the table, adding a bit of performance. The best Cantonese styled noodle, seafood cuisines and dim sums are offered as well. Especially 16 dim sums are available for lunch, and five for dinner from the basic ones to peach shaped, character themed ones.

Meanwhile, LOTTE HOTEL WORLD has been favoured by families and business travellers. Operated by South Korea’s largest hotel group, the hotel went through its renovation for the past two years. The hotel’s neighbourhood boasts splendid scenery featuring LOTTE WORLD ADVENTURE, mall and tower, the landmark of Korea.




Lotte Hotels & Resorts, the largest hotel group in Korea, is expanding beyond Asia to become a global brand.