Livecookintable: Meet us at HostMilano

by | 18 Oct 2021 | Products

Here’s why you need to visit the livecookintable booth

Only a few days until the fair opens! Benefit from one of the first fairs of 2021 by seeing and experiencing livecookintable live. Designed and built to be used front-of-house and to be seen and experienced in person.

MEC2, the manufacturer of livecookintable, will be exhibiting at HostMilano 2021 with a number of new innovative solutions.

Here’s why you need to visit the livecookintable booth.

Flexible operation

Livecookintable is a modular Lego-like live cooking and ambient table. F&B concepts can be flexibly adapted and changed at any time by simply interchanging the devices on top (eg from live cooking to hot / cold holding to ambient setup).

Our tables are either fully mobile pop-up or foldable, easy to store and a superb space-saving solution. All surfaces are coated with antibacterial and antiviral finishing.

Diverse area of application

Suitable in all gastronomic areas such as front-of-house, indoor and outdoor.

Augmented reality

Fast 3D functional planning support through our first to market livecookintable augmented reality app. Effortlessly test and create your buffet line and set it lifesize in your function area or in different virtual rooms.

Share visual running sheets of your newly created buffet line with your operations team to ensure error free setups. And empower your sales team to show prospective clients their very own customised setup.

Efficient planning

Implement individual designs with our standardised assembly solutions.

Bespoke design

The unlimited selection of materials available largely corresponds with the materials used at fixed millwork installations. All surfaces are easily interchangeable without any tools.

Reduction of costs

As movable furniture, livecookintable has the added benefits of reduced costs, construction requirements and shorter amortisation times.

Truly sustainable

Use of recyclable materials, designed and built for long-term use. High-tech energy-saving devices (eg induction cooking and wok). Less equipment means less storage. The livecookintable 360° food logistic is conceptualised to reduce food waste by up to 25%.

Award-winning products

A product design award such as the Red Dot or iF is the highest distinction for any company to receive. It is a best-of-the-best certificate for our customers. In 2018, MEC2 was awarded the Red Dot product design award in the area of tableware and cooking utensils for incomparable innovative power, marked functionality, and purist elegance.

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Livecookintable is a German company that produces premium live cooking stations for some of the most exclusive establishments worldwide.

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