LED Tape FN / Artful light design in the wood

by | 02 Feb 2021 | Products


Hera is showing a marketing concept that is customised to the wishes and needs of the hotel industry. With the Hera hotel range, design concepts can be realised in every detail. The concepts can be realised, for example, for guest rooms in hotels.

Only 4 mm wide and optimal for flexible homogeneous light contours!

LED Tape FN has a very small bending radius of just 25 mm and therefore can be used for almost any shape – especially for decorative applications, eg contours and special accents.

The special feature of LED Tape FN: homogeneous planar light without visible luminous spots, in a milling groove that is only 4 mm wide and has a shallow installation depth of 8 mm.

The Tape FN is available on a 5 m roll or can be ordered in the required length via the Hera Configurator. The LED strip can be shortened at 50 mm intervals (lateral cutting mark).

LED Tape FN is available in warm white (approximately 3000 K) and neutral white (approximately 4000 K).

Accessories: controller with radio remote control, 1-10V, DALI, ZigBee, Sonar or wifi app.



As a family company in its third generation, Hera develops, produces and sells LED lighting for the furniture industry as well as for shopfitting and exhibition-stand construction.

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