Kaldewei supports the vision of a world without waste: Madaster – the database for materials, buildings and infrastructure

by | 02 Dec 2021 | Products

Bathroom solutions from Kaldewei made of fine steel enamel are particularly durable and 100% recyclable.

The premium bathroom manufacturer Kaldewei is one of the first 17 ‘Kennedys’ in the Madaster ecosystem. Madaster is the global cadastre for materials, buildings and infrastructures, and enables the planning and use of buildings to be recorded as raw material data banks.

As a ‘Kennedy’ member of Madaster, Kaldewei is one of the pioneers in establishing the circular economy in the construction and real estate industry.

Product properties with regard to their environmental impact, reuse potential or factors relating to health are stored in the Madaster database and are automatically linked to information from digital property data (Industry Foundation Classes). To this end, Madaster works with building material and product manufacturers in the field of building product registration.

By means of functional expansions in the area of grey energy, users can now also have the bound amount of CO2 shown for the building layer and material family as well as for individual products and materials in manufacture. This enables project developers and building owners to make much more precise statements about financial values and the potential for circularity.

For the German premium bathroom manufacturer Kaldewei, sustainable construction has always been a central topic and one thing is for sure: Madaster Germany will help to make real estate more sustainable.

“The new transparency enables resource-saving planning and construction methods,” says Roberto Martinez, CSO at Kaldewei. “In this way, every building becomes a material or raw material database,” he explains, making it clear that the construction industry can also take a big step closer to the vision of “a world without waste”.




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