KALDEWEI is revolutionising the shower channel: aesthetics meet perfection

When sophisticated design joins with the pioneering spirit of a premium brand, something very special is created. As one of the leading bathroom manufacturers and proven experts for floor-level showers, KALDEWEI is deligheted to a new channel solution for the shower surface designed by Studio Aisslinger.

Created by the designer – perfected by the bathroom professional. It forms a special highlight in the bathroom withpatent pending handling and a unique KALDEWEI system, cleaning and maintenance are easier than ever. For particularly sustainable bathrooms, there is an added bonus as the new channel solution from KALDEWEI has the option to include an integrated system for heat recovery.

The Click’n clean® mechanism of the new KALDEWEI shower channelquite simply does what it says. The cover is easy to open and close and can be done with just one hand – making for -fast, hygienic cleaning in the bathroom.

This progressive branded product from KALDEWEI opens up greater opportunities in shower area design. The shower channel developed by the premium bathroom manufacturer is easy to use with an aestheticly pleasing design Studio Aisslinger has designed what is perhaps the most beautiful branded shower channel,for KALDEWEI, it ranges from the sophisticated premium version with a reduced design to an exclusive luxury option through to a sustainable variant that can even save energy. With a variety of surfaces and colour nuances available the new KALDEWEI shower channel offers freedom in perfect designmaking for any bathroom.

The practical and simple installation that is customary with KALDEWEI products is also guaranteed by the complete solution and by the KALDEWEI quality promise. Aesthetics enthusiasts will delight in the full flexibility of the channel positioning, lengths of up to 150 centimetresand thanks to sophisticated technology, the new KALDEWEI shower channel suits almost any floor material in the bathroom and, can even significantly reduce energy consumption when showering.

The channel revolution of the premium series KALDEWEI FlowLine Zero will be available from autumn 2023. You can choose, from five surfaces including brushed stainless steel, champagne, gunmetal, matt white and matt black. With the FlowLine Crystal, KALDEWEI offers a luxury variant with an elegant glass surface for exclusive bathrooms.



KALDEWEI offers bathrooms of superior quality and unmistakable style, with shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins made completely of one material.