Introducing the new Cottagecore trend

by | 15 Jan 2021 | Products

V+A Roxburgh bath (Photo: Greg Fox Photography)

In uncertain times, there is a natural desire for comfort, familiarity and nostalgia. This may explain why Cottagecore has become the most talked-about of current trends.

Cottagecore pulls together a number of longer term trends towards traditional skills and crafts, sustainability and a more colourful, decorative living space. House Beautiful magazine describes Cottagecore as a cultural movement that ‘idolises the concept of a simple, self-sufficient life, capturing a yearning for a life that is more rural and idyllic. It taps into a desire to be at one with nature, and to live in a world outside of the one currently inhabited’.

This idea can thrive within hospitality, especially in boutique hotels where individuality, craftsmanship and local sourcing can be celebrated.

Bathrooms are an important room in the Cottagecore philosophy, a place of relaxation and mindfulness. A freestanding bath, ideally with a nod to Victorian or Georgian styles, is the perfect centrepiece.

Victoria + Albert’s Wessex, Cheshire and Roxburgh baths have the profile of a classic cast-iron bath, but made from a unique composite that makes it lighter and warmer to the touch. Match this with Perrin & Rowe traditional brassware in an Aged Brass finish, still cast in small batches by hand in England. Surround these key pieces with upcycled or vintage furniture and mirrors and mellow colours for the perfect Cottagecore bathroom, both luxurious and homely.

Cottagecore is no passing fad. By putting value on products with integrity and sustainable living, it will continue to have relevance, and with half a million posts on Instagram tagged #cottagecore, the enthusiasm behind this approach is only going to grow.

For further information about any Victoria + Albert bath or basin, email [email protected] or phone +44 1952 221 100. Perrin & Rowe’s range of brassware and sanitaryware products can be discovered at



Victoria + Albert Baths is a British brand with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful freestanding baths and basins. Formed in 1996 with a passion for baths and bathing, the organisation has a head office in the UK.

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  • V+A Roxburgh bath (Greg Fox photography)