Inspired by Nature – help guests feel at home with familiar materials

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Be inspired by nature with Tarkett ‘s luxurious DESSO Axminster & Gravure carpets.

Replicate elements of nature with Tarkett’s DESSO Axminster & Gravure customisable luxury carpets. Create a retreat, where wellness comes first, using natural & familiar materials for a home away from home experience.

2021 has seen a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour and expectations of the hospitality industry. While safety measures and procedures dominated guests immediate needs, focus has now shifted to people’s necessity for human interaction, physical experiences and personal wellbeing.

It is health and wellbeing in particular that has dominated headlines, presenting a growing opportunity for hoteliers to redefine interior spaces and consciously create a place where guests can go to reset and relax.

Inspired by Nature

From ‘restorative retreats’ to wellness focused getaways and inner city escapes, guests are seeking a place to unwind and prioritise their physical and mental health.

But with many of us having spent so much time at home over the last 12 months, it’s no surprise that some are tentative about venturing to new places as travel begins to resume. Helping guests to feel comfortable and safe is therefore a priority as the quality of the indoor spaces we occupy affects how we feel, behave and interact.

Aligning interior decor with the natural world is one way to create environments that promote overall wellness. Using materials inspired by nature has long been proven to boost wellbeing and help us reconnect with the outdoors.

As the foundation for many hotel interior schemes, the flooring is a good place to start when it comes to material selection and design. Using an earthy colour palette of rich greens, muted browns, and eroded-stone greys can help to create a sense of calm. For a truly unique experience, opt for customisable carpets made from premium woven virgin wool that can incorporate your own unique design. Using bespoke weaving technology coupled with an extensive colour palette, intricate leaf patterns and crisp, clear marble-effect veining can be rendered onto traditional wool carpet for a luxurious finish.

Local Inspiration

While the prospect of distant shores is now on the horizon, for many, the desire for local travel experiences is on the rise. Following months spent in solitude, consumers are craving a sense of community and seeking out experiences that reflect a home-away-from-home.

Designing properties that are rooted in their surrounding neighbourhood can go a long way to providing the familiarity that guests require. Selecting materials and patterns that can be found in the local environment will help to tell the hotel’s unique story and immerse guests in the culture and landscape.

To build an authentic experience, ensure the flooring is also incorporated into the design. Tarkett’s DESSO Gravure uses innovative printing technology that enables any design to be replicated in high quality carpet. With over 500 shades available, designers have the freedom to play with colours found in the local coast line or inner-city parklands with outstanding clarity.

From the boutique countryside estate to the city-centre skyrise, it is important that interior design reflects the evolving needs of guests, to make your hotel as attractive and welcoming as possible in the ‘new normal’.

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  • Be inspired by nature with Tarkett 's luxurious DESSO Axminster & Gravure carpets.