Innovative service tool from WMF Professional Coffee Machines sets new global standards

Premium manufacturer presents WMF Remote Service Desktop, a new remote maintenance tool for service organisations worldwide.

With the “WMF Remote Service Desktop,” premium manufacturer WMF Professional Coffee Machines is setting industry standards in the service segment. For the first time, this new remote maintenance tool allows full, secure, digital access to WMF coffee machines around the globe. Depending on the specific case and diagnosis, the WMF service expert can offer quick and above all effective assistance, reducing downtimes and allowing optimum planning of the subsequent deployment of technicians and the necessary spare parts. The result: a significant increase in daily sales and customer satisfaction.

Whether you have a technical problem or a fundamental question about the operation of your coffee machine, WMF support can already assist you by phone call with the new tool “Remote Service Desktop” as effectively as if they were there on-site. A secure connection is established via the telemetry platform WMF CoffeeConnect: based on the information provided and with confirmation from the customer, the technician can access the machine remotely. First, however, the customer must actively enable access at the display of the coffee machine. This security check prevents unauthorised or accidental operation of the machines. The machine software itself also offers several security functions, so that beverages are not accidentally initiated during remote access or the customer first has to navigate back to the initial menu if a connection is interrupted.

While performing diagnosis, the service expert can have access to all functions and software menus. At the same time, the user follows the individual steps in real time on the machine display. Via telephone, the two exchange information, working hand in hand to remedy the error. An example: if a beverage overflows or the volume produced is insufficient because the fill level of a recipe is set incorrectly or due to a new cup size, the WMF expert makes the necessary changes directly in the machine system and then asks the customer to perform a test to verify that the adjustment has been successful.

In addition to this “Operational Support“ – that is, assistance with questions on the operation and setting of the machine – the WMF Remote Service Desktop also means that an expert can be deployed faster if remote diagnosis indicates a technical problem. Here, the WMF Remote Service Desktop provides the technician with all relevant information on the malfunction and the components which are affected or required. Armed with this information, the technician is ideally prepared and can repair the machine even faster than before.

With the widespread introduction of this new function, WMF is continuing its innovation strategy and further expanding its position as a technology leader. WMF Remote Service Desktop is already available to WMF’s own service organisations. The global WMF service partners are expected to start using it from spring 2023.

About WMF GmbH

WMF, which is short for Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, is a leading premium supplier of household products, professional coffee machines and hotel equipment. WMF stands for innovation based on tradition and convinces with development and design “Made in Germany“.

Under the brand names WMF, Silit and Kaiser, the company offers products for preparation, cooking, food, beverages and baking for home use, while business customers, in particular from the restaurant and hotel industry, can choose from product lines for the preparation of coffee, the perfectly laid table and buffet under the brand names WMF, Schaerer, Curtis and Hepp.
WMF products are available in more than 120 countries, and the company has over 6000 employees. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also in the rest of Europe and worldwide, for example in China, WMF operates a total of around 350 own stores. The company was founded in Geislingen an der Steige in 1853 and became part of the French SEK Group at the end of 2016.

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