Incredibly positive development for TOPHOTELDESIGN

by | 03 Aug 2020 | Design

The TOPHOTELDESIGN website is developing an impressive following across the global hotel community, attracting 46,000 pageviews in July 2020 alone.

This is how success stories are written! The initial signs are that the recently launched global online gallery of award-winning design is perfectly meeting the needs of users from the hotel development, investment and brand communities.

TOPHOTELDESIGN receives 46,000 hits

The fact that TOPHOTELDESIGN recorded 46,000 pageviews in July alone shows the amazing development of the site at this early stage.

In July, users spent on average around four minutes on TOPHOTELDESIGN browsing the near-endless gallery of amazing design images from hundreds of world-class designers around the world. Every single image is manually curated and tagged with numerous keywords to allow users to search for any kind of selection, such as “freestanding bathtubs+steel+marble” for example.

The benefits of using TOPHOTELDESIGN

Architects and designers love TOPHOTELDESIGN because every image clearly indicates who is responsible for the design – even if the images have been forwarded or shared. This is a major difference to other sites, especially some famous social media platforms.

One of the site’s highlights is how it enables users to create numerous albums (like “cool headboards” or “innovative color-mix” for instance), either for personal inspiration or for sharing easily with peers or clients.

The concept behind the industry-leading platform

TOPHOTELDESIGN is the new design-focused platform from the TOPHOTELPROJECTS team. It presents only the very best, curated images of award-winning hotel design and the studios behind them.

Rolf W. Schmidt, founder and CEO of TOPHOTELPROJECTS, explained: “Based on the conversations we had with hotel operators and brands, we realised that we were able to provide a good solution addressing current challenges of professionally managing large numbers of images. With so many years of experience working with large amounts of data, we have the necessary competence and tools to successfully realise TOPHOTELDESIGN.

“We find this concept a win-win solution for operators and brands as well as designers and architects. Visitors of TOPHOTELDESIGN are developers, investors, hotel owners, architects, designers, hotel brands and design enthusiasts – the precise target group of manufacturers and suppliers.”

A manually curated image gallery

Even at this early stage, 10,000 images are online already and another 10,000 are currently under curation, which means users will find stunning new images every day.

Leiza Orcoyen, architect and principal of TOPHOTELDESIGN, said: “The reason why we started TOPHOTELDESIGN is to have an infinite yet curated gallery of outstanding hotel design and architecture from around the globe – showcasing the great work of leading designers and architects as well as the hottest brand concepts.

“The internet is full of images, also from hotel design – but it’s not curated dedicated to the industry and it rarely shows the ones who are responsible – the leading designers and architects. We curate every single image and make sure that the responsible studio will always be visible.”

For more information, visit the TOPHOTELDESIGN website. Instagram users can also check out the TOPHOTELDESIGN Instagram account, or follow the conversation online via #TOPHOTELDESIGN.