In the light of hospitality

Discover the luminaires series 'Luna' by Occhio, which harmonises with the interiors of the Schreiberei, and find out how they guide you through this culinary paradise.

Inspirational round

The old Stadtschreiberei is located in the heart of Munich’s city center and is now being used as the ‘Schreiberei’ with two different gastronomic concepts. On the first floor, the ‘Schreiberei’ brasserie combines New York casualness with relaxed Mediterranean culinary culture and French cuisine with Japanese precision. Casual dining in an atmosphere of deeply felt appreciation for the product; effectively enriched by Occhio and the new culture of light.

»Used as a wall luminaire with the effect of a floating, glowing sphere in a smoky coated glass body, Luna creates something inviting, warm and winning and perfectly captures the feeling of sharing culinary enjoyment.«

Helen Neumann, Director Lighting Design Occhio

Reality and appearance

In the Schreiberei, Occhio impressively demonstrates what the perfect light setting feels like and turns the new Luna luminaire series with its emotional light into a convincing mood-setter. Whether as a wall or pendant luminaire: Luna flatters the historic room in its untouched roughness – a setting that knows hardly any defined angle and challenges it. With the gentle aura of a spherical shape, Luna picks up on the architectural curves and skilfully blends old and new like a soft focus.

Emotion and poetry

Mysterious and almost a little mystical, Luna transforms a room into a place of beauty and light. The revolutionary Occhio fireball light source floats almost magically in the glass sphere like a celestial body. Luna only reveals its secret at second glance and turns out to be a complete work of art. A sensual source of soft, directed light – powerful and glare-free at the same time.

Luna harmonises perfectly with the interior design of the Schreiberei and, thanks to new fireball technology, creates a very special lighting mood that presents Occhio’s culture of light in a completely new, striking form.

Weightless magic

With the effect of a floating, glowing moon in a smoky coated glass body, Occhio takes design to new levels. Luna sospeso, which has a strong presence despite its transparent delicacy, creates an effective interplay of light and space. When used as a wall light, Luna creates something inviting, warm yet captivating and perfectly captures the coexistence and sharing of culinary enjoyment and sensual pleasure.

Pointing the way

The architectural interfaces between the brasserie, the Tohru fine dining restaurant above and the basement, which were also designed by Occhio, are characterised by an exclusive lighting installation consisting of Luna pendant luminaires on reflective support panels, which has been created especially for this project. Placed at the base of each staircase, Luna connects all three levels of the building.

About the project: Schreiberei

Year of realisation: 2022
Interior design: hildmannwilke
Lighting design: Occhio
Luminaires: Luna sospeso, Luna scura
Images: Robert Sprang, Elishua Bachor 

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