Ice collection by Mealplak: Reinventing white to highlight your culinary creations


Put white to work to enhance your star-quality meals with a masterly hand.

Mealplak, part of the Revol group since 2016, has been designed to match the most varied kinds of décor and provide a majestic visual counterpart to the underlying culinary creations. Mealplak products capture the light in a remarkable way and give extra volume and lightness to the most ethereal dishes, echoing the quality and subtlety of your expert cuisine.

Made of Nacryl, an innovative material, and with various shapes, sizes and colours, Mealplak includes a wide range of original and modern products. Each collection is designed for professionals with functional and simple yet elegant products to showcase their dishes. From the different shapes of trays (square, round, rectangular) to the risers and display stands for the buffets and catering functions, they offer endless possibilities to create a beautiful display.

In addition, these products are easy to combine and assemble, their shapes making them interesting to play with and adaptable to multiple presentations. They can be combined with Revol porcelain products, such as the Caractère collection and its colourful recipients that make a nice colour contrast on a Mealplak tray.

Nacryl, a very attractive, high-tech-like patented material

Nacryl has been patented for its unique, innovative character. This highly decorative material developed by Mealplak is ideal for dining tables, buffets and other culinary displays.

The delicately translucent appearance of our products, the velvety touch, the handmade finish and the skilfully developed colour range help to create exceptional and visually unique presentations. This material, complementary of Revol porcelain products, benefits from its design and sophisticated aspect that makes it distinguishable and is a game-changer element to take into account.

Nacryl is a material designed for expert use and benefits from great assets: it is non-porous, thermal shock resistant and shockproof, among other qualities. These products, handmade in France with great care and high standards, have been earning the trust of professionals all over the world in the past ten years.

Collection Ice

With an architect/designer-orientated vision, the Ice collection shows a new way to have and use white in tableware. White becomes part of the décor and an element to work with.

With cloche-displays and promontory-podiums, the Ice range puts white to work to enhance your star-quality meals with a masterly hand. Mealplak products become a harmonious part of the service, highlighting the exceptional quality of the dishes.

This collection can be seen as a blank canvas where chefs express themselves and their creativity freely, while its material and colour showcases and highlights their creations. The eyes are focused on the culinary creation that stands out.

The translucent aspect of the Ice collection helps to enhance the beauty of a dish, the colours of the ingredients, the design and authenticity of the dish. White is also great to play with different colours, making an interesting contrast.

These different products allow chefs to display starters, ‘mignardises’ or even a full course. This translucent white makes this collection particularly nice to show beautiful pastries, giving them an aerial aspect and elevating them.



Revol Porcelain is a French family-owned culinary porcelain manufacturer since 1768, blending tradition with innovation.