How to create Wellbeing Experiences that delight your guests

by | 25 Aug 2022 | Products

Wellness tourism has a projected market size of $1,127.6 billion by 2025. Find out how to capitalise on the opportunity through Life Fitness’ eBook “How to Create Wellbeing Experiences that Delight Your Guests”.

Health and well-being are among our top priorities. This is reflected not only in the everyday behaviours of society, but also in the needs of guests and travellers.

In fact, the latest data provided by the Global Wellness Institute indicates a promising future for wellness tourism, which they estimate to have a projected market size of $1,127.6 billion by 2025.

Other studies such as CatchOn’s Trends Report place wellness travel as one of the 5 trends that will shape the future of travel. This data is reinforced by numerous other studies, such as Expedia’s “Travel Value index 2022” report, which indicates that there will be a surge in travel for personal wellbeing, as 38% are prioritizing relaxation and 36% are searching for a sense of mental wellbeing.

To create wellbeing experiences in the hotel, it is important to understand that wellbeing has 3 pillars: Physical, Mental and Social, which feed each other.

For This reason, at Life Fitness we also care about understanding how solutions that support physical wellbeing through fitness link with the other mental and/or social wellbeing offerings you present to your guests at your property, with the aim of creating wellbeing experiences that delight your guests.

In addition, wellbeing offers not only add quality to the guest experience but also create extra revenue streams. As a matter of fact, according to an internal Life Fitness study, 78% of customers are willing to pay extra for a space reserved for personal training. And, 38% of travellers consider it reasonable to pay 10% more for this type of service. Going that extra mile in order to delight guests with the ultimate wellbeing experience means a satisfied & loyal customer.

Being aware of the importance of this type of offer for both guests and property, at Life Fitness we have created an E-book that highlights How to Create Wellbeing Experiences that Delight Your Guests, where we also explain how to evaluate the guest’s journey, as for example the solutions for a leisure traveller will be different than for a business traveller, and how to relate the fitness solutions to the rest of the wellbeing offerings.

You can download the Life Fitness E-book by clicking here.

As the fitness industry’s largest supplier of commercial equipment, Life Fitness draws upon its many years of experience to help customers create bespoke wellbeing offerings. Whether it’s adapting an existing space, launching a new gym, or providing in-room solutions, Life Fitness manages the process from start to finish; from equipment selection and layout, through to staff training and customer communications, the team can support the entire consumer journey.