How hotels will be leading the charge in supply chain innovation

by | 08 Aug 2020 | Products

As one of the key industries that remains most impacted by Covid19, our resilient hospitality industry is already back in business. Now, more than ever, guest satisfaction is key. However, balancing guest satisfaction with guest safety, team safety and minimised costs poses itself as a real challenge for hoteliers. With the core element of their service offering wholly disrupted, the hospitality sector makes for an interesting study in leading the charge in supply chain innovation.


Working with pre-qualified suppliers who can ensure stability across quality and price is especially critical during this time. Price volatility owing to market conditions has an immediate, direct impact on operational costs. During times like these, it is especially beneficial to work with suppliers who are strictly vetted for delivering across quality and price. Partnering with procurement consultants who have a global database of pre-qualified suppliers is key. With each supplier undergoing a stringent qualification process, procurement consultants present cohesive, cost-effective strategies that minimize risk for owners and operators. Their leverage and long-term relationships with suppliers also ensure price stability for future orders. This is key, considering operational costs are currently at all-time high to ensure guest safety and satisfaction.


Planning for timing of your deliveries can seem independent of costs but it has a steep impact on your bottom line. Allowing for sufficient lead time can reduce the risk of product availability, especially if it is going to be in frequent, immediate use. Considering that guest safety along with satisfaction is top priority, working with procurement consultants can help alleviate mystery around lead times. “We work with owners, operators and design consultants to ensure their vision is completely realized. We proffer our expertise in exacting lead times which is supported by our long-term relationships with suppliers, freight forwarders and logistic companies,” says Darryl Rego, Managing Director of Provision Advisory Services, LLC (“Provision”). Their advisory services are segmented per priority and function, ensuring specialized focus on each. Owners can avail of BoQ Preparation, Specification Development, Budget Management and QA/QC services for their new and existing properties.


Now, more than ever, there is immense pressure on hotels to provide services as before but with heightened expectations. Guests are going to be seeking extreme safety measures while wanting to retain a sense of familial leisure and luxury. With the demand intact, both critical elements of a supply chain i.e. timing, and price must also remain intact. Working with procurement consultants can greatly help minimize risk and uncertainty around your supply chain. Their focused approach on improving your bottom line while helping realize your vision in a volatile environment is something all owners can benefit from.

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