Hotel De Schelde a Cadzand

We tell you about our project for Hotel De Schelde, Cadzand, in Zaland Flanders in the Netherlands. Our mirrors for a modern art idea.

In Holland, on the border with Belgium, stands a hotel with a structure typical of those parts, overlooking the North Sea, of which it offers a privileged view.

The interiors of the structure cannot fail to surprise the guest, who, crossing the entrance threshold, finds himself projected into a different, surprising dimension: lights, contemporary furnishings, luxurious decor selected with care and love for detail.

This is the story of our work for the 4-star Hotel De Schelde in the small town of Cadzand.


Hotel De Schelde in Cadzand

Externally, Hotel De Schelde is a proud and imposing bastion of Dutch architecture: a prominent structure, distinguished by its typical pitched roofs and silhouetted against the coast.

Inside, the place immediately reveals its dual soul, traditional outside, modern inside. In addition to rooms – standard, comfort, luxury and suites – the hotel offers a charming restaurant, meeting rooms.


Hugo Studio

For this stimulating and evocative project, we worked in synergy with STUDIO HUGO | Hospitality interior design, which makes clean lines and harmony between parts the fundamental component of its design vision. A referent of international caliber.

The synergies between the Dutch reality and ours were excellent right from the start, thanks to a common way of thinking about design as an art of balance, in which beauty is both end and means at the same time, in which function is part of the aesthetic vision.


Our mirrors for Hotel De Schelde

Monteleone was chosen as a reference for the selection of mirrors that would personalize and give brightness to the rooms of the facility. We were looking for a solution that would be functional for the space, practical for the guests and, at the same time, capable of giving additional beauty to rooms that were already strongly personal, with a clear, modern identity.

After careful evaluations and hypotheses, we turned to our SADIR circular mirrors: we chose them, in particular, for their ability to integrate with the space discreetly, but equally managing to assert their personality in the context.

The circular shape, the transparency, the concentric LED light beam are part of a total vision that goes towards surprise, the breaking of conventional patterns, while appearing perfectly harmonious and in balance with the whole environment. Technology, design, light, forms are the elements that prompted us to choose the SADIR mirror, a choice that makes us particularly proud.

The SADIR mirror, like all our other reflective creations, are signed SPEKKIO, the brand that authenticates our products.

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