Historic colonial-era hotel Maxwell Reserve in Singapore

World-famous interior designer Jaques Garcia designed the impressive interior with opulence and an eye for luxurious details.

A unique masterpiece of architectural history in the centre of Singapore

Welcome to Singapore, the city of lions (सिंह siṃha “lion”; पुर pura “city” – Sanskrit). Amidst cosy cafés and bars, small boutiques and exciting international restaurants lies the historic colonial-era hotel Maxwell Reserve in the south of Singapore. The luxurious hotel is located in the Murry Tarrace complex, within Singapore’s picturesque Chinatown. A wealth of cultures and centuries of remarkable history come together in this charming neighbourhood: the impressive Tang Dynasty-style Buddah Tooth Relic Temple, the inspiring Red Dot Design Museum and the historic Thian Hock Keng Temple in traditional Chinese architectural style are all just a short walk away.

The complex, named after the British colonel Alexander Terrace, was completed in 1929 according to an inscription on the façade. It was therefore built during the era of British colonial occupation, which is clearly reflected in the architectural style.

The architectural realisation was carried out by the established master builders of TEN Architects. The historic European style of the original building was a perfect match for the interior designer who was responsible for the details at the time: the renowned French designer Jaques Garcia. Born in 1947, Garcia built and designed his first small hut on his grandparents’ property just a few years later, when he was only eight years old. Since then, he has made a name for himself with his skilful use of materials and space. His opulent style is characterised by an in-depth knowledge of art history and a love of textures and objects steeped in history. Velvet, marble, exquisite wood, patterns and embroidery – Garcia boldly combines all of these to create a distinctively bold and striking aesthetic. His creations can now be found all over the world: from New York, Chicago and Miami to Paris, Geneva, Brussels and Baden-Baden in Germany.

Nowadays, guests can enjoy their first coffee in the morning in an antique upholstered chair and start the day with local and international specialities made from the finest organic ingredients. The hotel’s own Cultivate Cafe is also open for the rest of the day and offers visitors a variety of gluten-free and vegan delicacies. After a morning full of new impressions, the Isabel Bar is a wonderful place to relax. The impressive bar itself is made entirely of natural pink onyx, into which striking leaf details have been chiselled. A bust crowning the centre of the bar serves as an eye-catcher. In the evening, guests can either indulge themselves in the hotel’s own high-class Indian restaurant Shikar or savour an exquisite Wagyu steak in the Officers’ Mess Polo Bar steakhouse. In both establishments, visitors can choose from a variety of sommelier-selected wines.

The high standards that apply to aesthetics and catering are also reflected in the sanitary design. This is why several high-quality TECE products were installed. Firstly, the specialists installed the compact and reliable universal cisterns in all rooms and suites. The TECE cisterns are pre-assembled ready for connection at the factory and therefore do not need to be opened in the shell of the building.

However, the high-quality TECE sanitary technology not only ensures flawless operation behind the scenes. The elegant TECEnow toilet flush plates in discreet, classic matt chrome with dual flush technology and rubber-buffered actuation buttons contribute to the high level of user comfort for guests of the Maxwell Reserve. The strikingly linear look with an extra-flat frame complements the elegant toilet flush actuator in the overall architectural design and forms an elegant addition to the bathrooms.
Every stay at the Maxwell Reserve Hotel is an unforgettable experience for guests, where aesthetics, culture and pleasure come together.

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