Hay Boutique Hotel & Spa

A place to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature and oneself. It's the Hay Boutique Hotel and Spa in Bukovel, the largest ski resort in Ukraine.

“A modern hotel with high-level service located in a beautiful spot in the Carpathians,” say Dmytro Bonesko and Volodymyr Nepyivoda, co-founders of Yod Group (https://www.yod.group/), the Ukrainian studio that worked on the project. “The Hay Boutique Hotel and Spa consists of two restaurants, a spa with a pool on the sixth floor, and 40 rooms.”

From the hotel, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Carpathians: “Ukrainian nature was our main source of inspiration. It’s a hotel that invites you to immerse yourself in nature, starting from the interiors, with colors inspired by sun-burnt herbs, and materials with rich textures, such as wood, steel, wool, and surfaces obtained with pressed hay.” Furnishings and accessories celebrate Ukrainian craftsmanship and project it into a contemporary dimension: “Fabrics from the Ukrainian studio Morgental interpret the symbols and charm of our country, Litvinenko Design’s carpets provide an artistic view of traditional sheep wool weaving, and the chairs from the Ukrainian brand Noom are inspired by modernist aesthetics.” Many details pay homage to Ukrainian craftsmanship: “The table with a solid oak top fixed on an anvil-shaped cast iron base recalls the ancient techniques of Carpathian blacksmiths, while the coat hooks shaped like forged nails resemble those displayed in ancient museums.”

Among the dreamy corners: “The spa with a panoramic view of the hill.” To enrich the project, the Mirage Norr ceramic collection was chosen for the spa interiors, a stone-effect surface with harmoniously irregular grain, resembling pebbles of different colors and sizes, and three-dimensional chromatic effects: “As it is a five-star hotel, the quality of each product was our priority. We chose ceramics to provide an excellent experience for guests and the best durability of surfaces for the client.”



Mirage designs and produces porcelain stoneware floors and coverings for commercial, public and residential spaces.