Forest Group has improved their FES® wave system

Always aiming for perfection, Forest Group has improved their Wave system. They have further engineered the Easywave carriers and the Easywave hook.

The Forest Easyfold System (FES®) is a solution for wave pleated curtains and is an additional feature to drapery hardware systems. The wave system ensures that curtains retain their smooth wave effect from the moment they are hung. The Easyfold System from Forest Group fits in perfectly with the trend towards a luxury experience in the hotel industry.

Solutions with the wave system

The wave system is a beautiful addition to any room and it offers new possibilities for applications in large and high spaces, such as lobbies, entrees, reception areas, conference rooms and meeting rooms. Depending on the fulness selected, the Forest Easyfold System (FES®) can be more economical than traditional curtains (up to 33% compared to a regular pencil pleat curtain).

The wave system can be installed onto all Forest manual, corded and motorised systems. However, using it on a recessed track like the manual KS® recess or the motorised FMS® Plus recess from Forest Group makes it even more unique.

New Easywave carrier

Forest Group has further developed the Easyfold System. They have come up with a new Easywave carrier that always glides smoothly through the track. As a result, it no longer accumulates when the curtain closes and it always opens smoothly.

New Easywave hook

In addition to the Easywave carrier, Forest Group has also improved the Easywave hook. The new hook is equipped with a horizontal base that makes it ultra-solid in the pocket of the Easyflex tape. In combination with the new carrier, the curtains will hang even better.

The Easywave square carrier with the Easywave hook achieves a new standard for any interior decorator not willing to compromise. 

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