For hotels, Talenti speaks the language of elegance with the new 2022 catalogue

by | 11 Jan 2022 | Products

Talenti, a brand that is constantly on the rise in the outdoor sector for contract, residential and hotel furnishings, presents some of its new 2022 collections, confirming its collaboration with the eclectic Marco Acerbis and the most sought-after couple in Italian design: Ludovica+Roberto Palomba.

For hotels, Talenti speaks the language of elegance with the new 2022 catalogue

The iconic outdoor brand wants to exclusively collect the latest products signed by the well-known designers Marco Acerbis and Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for the following collections.

The originality of Talenti’s projects starts with the shape: essential and refined lines, unique in their kind, interpret a minimal and elegant style and adapt perfectly to any context. The designers who tell the Talenti story share the company’s philosophy: to create new products that respond perfectly to customers’ desires and tastes, while maintaining their own identity. A concentrate of aesthetic sobriety and balance of forms, collections that are always up-to-date, capable of interpreting various stylistic figures and of resisting over time.

George Collection by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

A project that was born with the aim of combining lightness and open-air comfort, redesigning situations that convey feelings of intimacy and relaxation, always with the utmost respect for balance but above all for proportion.

The stainless-steel frame is the fil rouge of the project, totally covered with a slightly padded rope weave. An enveloping design whose materials are reminiscent of the nautical world. The visual lightness of the woven structure is counterpointed by generously padded seat and back cushions.

Reef Sunbed by Marco Acerbis

The creation of a polyethylene sunbed is a theme that is particularly close to a designer as the use of plastic materials, which are typical of the rotational moulding technology, allows the expression with free forms. In the case of the Reef Sunbed, the goal was to design a comfortable product with clean shapes, without frills, seeming to grow naturally out of the ground.

Marco Acerbis created a sunbed that recalls the sea waves, characterised by a reassuring stability and visual balance. Every curve has been studied in detail to ensure maximum comfort. For the most demanding clients, there is also the possibility to use a cushion that lies on the sunbed for more comfort and softness.

Malè Collection by Ludovica+Roberta Palomba

A new collection is born from elegant, light and marked geometric shapes, and it offers maximum comfort. The main feature of Malè Collection is its rigid and squared structure made in rotomoulding, just like a shell.

The seat is low but it is elevated thanks to a generous padding upholstered with modern fabrics. There are many possible compositions that can be created – thanks to a very deep study of volumes and forms of each element – giving life to spaces designed to be elegant and convivial. In contrast with the lightness of the furnitures, the imposing lamps seem like they come from another world.

Coral Collection by Marco Acerbis

Coral Collection is inspired by modularity and it is characterised by materials, such as aluminium and rope, that embellish the product and at the same time grant its quality in the long term. The clean lines and balanced compositions are enriched by a series of accessories that allow a high level of usability and comfort.

The theme of the rope is predominant, and it is possible to find it also as detail on the handles of the seats, in the lamps or in the pouf. The sofas, that are softened by the decorative cushions, are characterised by a solid volume of the seat that creates a contrast with the chairs and the lounge seats whose thin and refined frame introduces the theme of lightness instead.

Frame Collection by Ludovica+Roberta Palomba

Frame Collection is characterised by the juxtaposition of aluminium structures, rope interweaving and comfortable cushions that make indisputable its sensual presence in the outdoor space. The interweaving of the padded rope on the tubular frame creates a reticulated window, capable of giving fascinating plays of light when the rays lay on the slits.

The light and sensual volumes are ideal for outdoor relaxation and visual privacy.




Talenti designs and produces outdoor furniture that comes to life thanks to the company’s natural penchant for aesthetic research and its collaboration with internationally renowned designers.