Enhancing hospitality at Le Meridien Etoile Paris – Improving employee wellbeing and guest satisfaction with robotics

Find our how Le Meridien Etoile Paris improved employee wellbeing and guest satisfaction with the Whiz autonomous vacuum cleaner.

Imagine the scene. Le Meridien Etoile Paris in France – a vast and luxurious hotel, with 1,025 rooms spanning nine floors, and offering 2,500 square meters of common space.  The hotel, of course, want to make sure their guests have a great guest experience.  But with such a large hotel, it was hard to maintain a high level of service consistently.  In addition, cleaning the long hotel corridors was a tiring job for the staff, and they wanted to find a way to make their work less physically demanding.

To overcome these challenges, Le Meridien Etoile Paris opted to employ SoftBank Robotics’ cobot Whiz. A vacuum cleaner robot that partnered with cleaners to enhance Le Meridien Etoile Paris hotel’s cleaning operations.  The hotel set out on a journey to improve guest happiness and employee job satisfaction.

The hotel introduced eighteen Whiz robots: fifteen for corridor cleaning and three for maintaining the common areas and seminar rooms. This enabled the hotel staff to concentrate on more skilled tasks, while the robots kept the hallways clean.

Using Whiz robots also significantly boosted the hotel staff’s happiness. They no longer had to spend extended periods cleaning corridors, allowing them to focus on other tasks and provide improved guest services. In addition, Whiz made the hotel’s operations more efficient. They reduced the repetitive cleaning work, which reduced the stress on employees and improved their staff job satisfaction.

Jocelyn Tabary, Head of Housekeeping at LCS, the cleaning contractor who operate within the Meridien said, “The arrival of the robots has been very well received by the teams and above all, we have succeeded in enhancing the value of the team member’s work, which is no longer simply cleaning, but combining all aspects of customer demand into their daily routine.”

 In addition, Christophe Lucarelli, General Manager at LCS Cleaning said, “Cobotics helped our hotel to meet very precise quality targets and support our employees who no longer have to vacuum the corridors for two, three or four hours, but can focus on other less arduous tasks.”

 To find out more about the Whiz autonomous vacuum cleaner, please visit the website at: Whiz | Cobotic Solutions | SoftBank Robotics EMEA



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