Dreams, poetry and AquaClean shower toilets by Geberit

A boutique hotel nestled in the idyllic Austrian village of Lunz appeals in equal measure to guests looking for peace and quiet or adventure in the great outdoors. A touch of luxury is a defining aspect of the experience, and AquaClean shower toilets are instrumental in delivering exactly that.

The boutique hotel is intended to offer guests a sanctuary with a touch of luxury. A place to rest or explore.


Geberit is proud to present the AquaClean shower toilets at Refugium Lunz Boutique Hotel, Austria.

“I am the summer green or winter glow you seek. Refuge or escape. I will grant you space and time. I am everything or nothing; exactly what you need. Free yourself of obligations, and just be what you want to be.” Refugium Lunz loves to extend a poetic welcome to its guests.“

Geberit AquaClean at Refugium Lunz Boutique Hotel, AT

The verse resonates harmoniously with the AquaClean Sela shower toilets, which add the desired touch of luxury to the Refugium bathrooms. You don’t need to do anything, as personal cleansing practically takes care of itself. And yet you can still do a lot, from adjusting the spray intensity, position and temperature to operating the lady shower. In fact, there are plenty of options available to suit your individual needs and preferences.

As Roland Zarl enthuses in his capacity as project manager at Hopferwieser & Steinmayr, the company responsible for the sanitary installations at Refugium, “This is our contribution to creating an unadulterated oasis of well-being at the highest level. I feel like this is the sort of place you come to and really enjoy spending time in – maybe even on my next holiday.” If he’s lucky, one of the 23 individually furnished rooms will still be available. The garden room, the sauna room or perhaps the sun room.

The hoteliers ponder once again: “Your space, your time. Free to do what you want. Laze around, listen to the river. Gaze into the nothingness, dive into a book. Dance – if you like. You don’t have to sleep to dream to your heart’s content.”



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