DigiGram – a promotional tool that complements the DigiValet solution

by | 31 May 2021 | Suppliers

DigiGram by DigiValet – live your spontaneity

A promotional tool from DigiValet that allows you to engage with guests in real time. An app that uses deep linking technology to enable your guests to interact with your posts like booking a spa promotion or grabbing event tickets.

Imagine a promotional tool that allows you to engage with your guests in real time at the swipe of a finger – where you can take photos from your mobile device and instantaneously push them to your guests in real time. An app that uses deep linking technology to enable your guests to interact with your posts, from booking on a spa promotion to grabbing tickets to a pop-up event.

With DigiGram, that dream is a reality. The mobile app allows your team to successfully manage promotions and messaging in an instant, pushing them out to your guest in a multichannel facet property-wide.

The dynamic app home screen lets users choose from a variety of multimedia sources – from the phone’s picture library to the phone’s camera for real-time photos – and users can also link to the cloud for stored files.

Some of the key features are:

  • Captioning allows users to add their own unique captions to media promotions directly in the app to grab guest’s attention.
  • Select from predefined calls to action, which hotel teams can specify to deep link the promotion directly to booking channels for spa, food and beverage, event ticket sales and more, based on the individual promotion.
  • Tagging allows users to promote to a targeted segment. From isolating individual guests to selecting an entire group by nationality, VIP status, group code, dietary preferences, activities of interest and more. Personalisation has never been so handy.
  • The instant promotion can be sent to the guest’s smartphone app, to a device in the room or simply as a scrolling ticker on the TV.

DigiGram allows unique users to successfully create real-time promotions that matter.

All this and more when hotels leverage the vast functionalities of the DigiValet platform.

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