CSI – the international luxury carpets and rugs manufacturer

by | 17 Jul 2021 | Products

CSI Luxury Carpets & Rugs is a well-established manufacturer, having achieved the highest level of expertise in carpets and rugs, and gaining international recognition for the style and quality of its products.

Carpets used to have a purely functional value years ago. However, in today’s world, carpets offer a defining foundation for interior schemes in workplaces and hotels. CSI creates luxury carpets and rugs for some of the most prestigious residences, retail outlets, boutiques, hotels and commercial offices around the world.

Headquartered in Daya Bay, and with installations in more than 156 cities around the globe, we are a modern custom carpet and rug company that is rich in resources and sells globally by manufacturing ‘Made To Order (MTO)’ handcrafted carpets and rugs, luxury wall-to-wall Axminster carpets and of course the Smartt rugs products. Our export centre and factories annually turn over more than US$250 million in MTO sales.

The annual capacity of handmade and machine-made carpets is 3,800,000 m. While our largest single shipment has been 332,000 m, virtually every option is a possibility, even short runs of one-off designs. We not only ensure that the price of such carpets remains economically viable, we also make certain that we apply the same standards when dealing with any size order.

CSI is the on-the-ground extension of your business, ensuring a total service from consulting needs to delivery with clear service levels that maintain consistency, continuity and on-time delivery. The finest carpets deserve the finest service and because the entire process from designing, spinning, dyeing and manufacturing takes place in our own mills, we guarantee the exceptional quality that the world’s most discerning and innovative designers and architects have now come to expect.

Production videos which show our manufacturing facilities and process


Manufacturing of our luxury handcrafted carpets and rugs


Manufacturing of our luxury Axminster carpets

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CSI Luxury Floorings is a well-established luxury carpet and rug manufacturer, having achieved the highest level of expertise in carpet and floor coverings.