Charming castle hotel in Salzburg by H2 Yacht Design

by | 11 Oct 2021 | Products

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein sits atop Mönchsberg, above the rooftops of the city of Salzburg. Having received a ‘superior’ rating, the hotel is considered one of the most exclusive in Austria and has been designated as the most charming castle hotel in the world.

BRABBU elevates the design of this project, designed by H2 Yacht Design, with the MALAY Bar Chair, DUKONO and IBIS Armchairs at the bar and IBIS Dining Chair at the restaurant.

Situated within 14.000 sq m of castle grounds, Hotel Schloss Mönchstein offers absolute peace and quiet with a superb panoramic view over the city of Salzburg. Thanks to the central location, Salzburg’s old town can be reached in just a few minutes on foot.

In 2005, the successful Swiss entrepreneur Dr Hans-Peter Wild took over the hotel. Since then, the businessman, who is known for being the owner of all the companies across the globe which trade under the brand names Capri-Sonne and Capri-Sun, has continued to invest in the ongoing modernisation and improvement of this traditional hotel:

“I invest in quality with potential. Both are present in this hotel. It is wonderful to witness how this special place has been improved, modernised and developed positively through investments in recent years,” Dr Wild proudly summarises.

And the modernisation of the place is hard to miss. The Glass Garden restaurant and the Apollo Bar are the proof that innovation is key for a beautiful design.

Award-winning gourmet cuisine in The Glass Garden restaurant

Located under the new glass dome and offering a spectacular view, the à-la-carte restaurant The Glass Garden has a panoramic window façade, which can be opened in suitable weather and offers an extraordinary view of Salzburg’s old town.

The interior comfortably holds 40 guests and contains both premium, handmade furnishings and an elaborate lighting design, which create an outstanding atmosphere. BRABBU was the sitting choice with the classic IBIS Dining Chair.

The Apollo Bar

The newly finished bar area charms guests with its specially handmade bar and subtle suspended lighting design. It provides a cosy and inviting atmosphere with a view of the lush natural surroundings from which you can enjoy exclusive drinks.

Through its soft textures and neutral tones, the MALAY Bar Chair, and DUKONO and IBIS Armchairs provide a more sophisticated design that ends up being a relaxing environment for the hotel’s clients.

Classic and amazing bedrooms

The hotel offers guests 24 rooms and suites with an individual castle character in a classic design. The rooms set themselves apart through their attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship, premium materials and finest accessories. As well as their unique atmosphere, they naturally include all the conveniences of top-class, modern hotels.

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein still offers a modern haven and day spa. First-class beauty treatments, therapies and massages are offered in addition.

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