Breath-taking sculptural stair design with steel soffit lining by MetallArt

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As an innovative design element for prestigious unique staircases in luxury hotels and representative buildings, the smooth-faced steel soffit lining from MetallArt can create a monumental look as well as underline the elegant or minimalist character of a staircase.

In their distinctiveness, however, they have one decisive feature in common. The structurally supporting bottom side steel cladding makes them a class of their own. Together with highly renowned architects, MetallArt has successfully realised amazing staircase projects in selected European first-class hotels.

At Seehotel Riva in Constance, the self-supporting spiral stairs cover two storeys and convince with flamboyant shapes. The puristic design of the balustrade stringer stairs at Hotel Lamaison in Saarlouis is significantly influenced by the homogenous soffit lining. The same applies to the Hamburg five-star-plus hotel The Fontenay, whose white, balustrade-high steel stringers blend perfectly with the underside cladding.

Award-winning element of design

With prominent prizes in the sector of staircase building, the MetallArt constructions with structurally supporting steel soffit lining are regularly honoured for their contribution in staircase design and technology. In the category ‘Architecture’, the sculptural stairs in Munich’s Lenbach Gärten were most recently awarded as ‘Staircase of the year 2020’ by the important German specialist portal

Depending on the type of stairs, the bottom steel sheet cladding runs in spiralled or straight lines along the underside of the structure between the stair stringers and is mostly realised with a flat, smooth surface. For impressive spatial effects, it can also be designed as asymmetrical steel soffit lining with a kink running down in the middle of the steel sheet. Closed parapet-high stair stringers made of steel and all-glass balustrades or also filigree railing solutions made of metal or wooden elements can be combined with the steel soffit cladding to underline the particular interior concept.

Highest constructional standards due to statically supporting properties

Contrary to staircase soffits with just optical advantages, this statically supporting steel component takes on special significance in stair construction, especially for self-supporting projects. A special interface developed by MetallArt provides for data exchange between the 3D design software and programmes for static calculation to include the static calculation and design.

The static gain leads to enormous material and weight savings in the supporting structure of the staircase and to a significantly improved vibration behaviour. Another intersection linking the 3D design to the in-house laser system allows the custom-fit production of the individual steel components.

The three-dimensionally bent steel parts can thus be welded absolutely flush and without a shadow groove and the stairs appear to be made of one piece. For the perfect finish and a convincing outcome, all visible weld seams are then sanded or filled. Despite the enormous amount of steel that was used, the constructions come across as homogenous and dynamic even if they cover several storeys of a building.

About MetallArt​​​

With more than 140 highly experts, MetallArt is one of the leading staircase construction companies in Germany and on an international level. For over 90 years, the company has combined craftsmanship with elegant design.

With fresh ideas and great passion for the design and execution of projects, MetallArt plays a leading role in innovative stair constructions.

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As an expert in producing premium customised steel stairs and exclusive glass railings for international commercial and private building projects, MetallArt has been combining traditional craftsmanship with elegant design for more than 90 years.

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