Anatomy of the Guest Room – 5 Ways to Elevate Guest’s Experiences using Cetis Appliances

Give travelers an elevated experience within their own room by providing attention to detail and new devices.

What may set a guest’s first impressions apart from other hotels is the amenities available in their room – from the views, number of open spaces, bed presentation, bathroom details, down to the refreshments bar. These things can skew the guest’s comfortability level, dictating the difference between feeling accommodated for and feeling homesick.

Aside from those, guests may be inclined to recognize accessible items that could help lend to their independency and self-sustainment. Usually, these are things they do not think to pack, or are unable to pack, before traveling. Things like common toiletries, clothing hangers, WiFi, and most importantly: VoIP Room Phones that can connect to the local landline.

As the leading supplier of hospitality telecommunication solutions, Cetis recognizes the importance of providing reliable and simplistic technology to those already within a foreign space. That is where our Appliances come in. Often taken for granted within the home, we’ve chosen a line of appliances that will accommodate to the most common necessities one could have, making it easier to continue a no-worry lifestyle and get on with their own adventures. Here are 5 ways hotels can set up Cetis Appliances for the ultimate elevated experience:


  1. Provide a Tea and Coffee Inventory with Complimentary Chart.
  • With our K100 & K608 Kettle models, guests can easily try new teas and instant coffee flavors while engaging with a companion profile chart. Together, the detail prompts a relaxing time while educating the reader on different beverage products. Display these on the Tray & Caddy SP100, which can protect and hold items on top a multitude of surfaces. (While at it, make a beautiful tea & coffee profile chart with a specialist at TOPS-Printing.)
  1. Inspire local activities that get guests moving.
  • Many vacationers don’t want to sacrifice their fitness routines while traveling. To remain consistent to their health, equip their room with our S-100 Weight Scale, and provide informative ways to be active around the area. Direct guests to local spots using a small stand or brochure near the weight scale that highlights hiking trails, swimming spots, exercise classes, etc.
  1. Set up the Cetis Flashlight next to floor maps/exits for noticeable safety access.
  • Safety matters, and setting up a detectable floor map alongside our FL-102 Flashlight shows that you care. Let it be found easily, whether you place it in the bedside drawer, hung by the exit, or even both!
  1. Care for the hair! Add more haircare products to the bathroom.
  • Many guests avoid taking too many hygienic and cosmetic products from their homes whiling traveling – much of the product could spill out, get lost, and take up space. Prevent them from needing to purchase new items by adding trial-sized haircare they may need, such as leave-in conditioner or dry shampoo. Leave these with our HD-618 Hairdryers for a full get-ready station.
  1. Provide an easy-to-use laundry station.
  • Some guests need to look on their A-game during their stay, whether attending a business conference, wedding party, or anything in-between. The Cetis I 100 Iron can help with that, equipped with non-stick surface and water-level indicator, plus more features that make it a perfect hotel accessory. To go the extra mile, hotels could consider stationing off a part of the room to set up an ironing board, hamper, clothing hangers, and more to make sure guests are able to maintain the integrity of their outfits.




Cetis is a leading ISO-­9001, RoHS and WEEE-certified manufacturer of Teledex, TeleMatrix and Scitec brand telephones.