Aero project: Raffles Shenzhen in China

by | 17 Oct 2020 | Products

Raffles Shenzhen is located in Shenzhen, a prosperous and resplendent modern city and centre of innovation and technology in south-east China.

As the highest landmark of One Shenzhen Bay, Raffles Shenzhen not only has a unique geographical advantage, but also is one of the best retreats.

As a beloved luxury brand, each Raffles hotel is an oasis of tranquility and charm, which has witnessed the century-old legend of the Raffles brand for 132 years. Raffles Shenzhen is jointly built by KPF Design Firm, which is famous for its skyscrapers design, and LW Design Firm, which is famous at home and abroad. The 72-storey building stands proudly, with concise and smooth exterior, and is integrated with Houhai texture. The indoor and outdoor space mix with the winding and undulating natural coastline of Shenzhen Bay, which forms a beautiful landscape view, showing the natural scenery of Shenzhen Bay effectively.

Its interior design perfectly shows the fusion of Chinese culture and coastal landscape art, fully reflects the vigor of Shenzhen, is the legendary work of modern luxury hotels.

Aero Light is honored to be the lamps supplier and service provider of Raffles Shenzhen and we are proud of the legendary work of this luxurious hotel.



With the persistence of high standard manufacturing level and professional services, AERO Light stands out rapidly and become one of the favourite brand of famous lighting consultants and luxury hotels.

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