Accessibility meets style

by | 07 May 2020 | Products

Intelligent installations ensure that people are able to use hotel bathrooms with ease no matter what their needs. And design is just important as comfort and convenience in this respect.

Many hotels strive to offer suitable rooms for guests with all kinds of physical impairments, with bathrooms in particular needing to be easily accessible and convenient to use. It goes without saying that the functions of the installations are hugely important, but they should in no way be detrimental to the appearance of the bathroom furniture and facilities – in fact, quite the opposite should be the case. Geberit values convenience and design equally and offers a complete range of solutions to meet everyone’s daily bathroom needs – from premium wheelchair-compatible washbasins and floor-even showers, right the way up to convenient shower toilets.


A flat design is one of the basic requirements for ensuring the barrier-free convenience of a wheelchair-compatible washbasin. When combined with a concealed trap, access to the washbasin couldn’t be easier. The Geberit Renova Comfort series, for example, demonstrates just how easy it is to combine quality of life with design. The various classic designs of this series can be incorporated harmoniously into any room, with a whole host of clever solutions added to meet special requirements.

Floor-even showers

Floor-even showers are on trend as they are discreet, allow the same design to be continued throughout the room and provide barrier-free access to the shower area. Each and every solution that Geberit offers for the drainage of floor-even showers features an attractive design and hydraulically optimised drain technology and is easy to clean. The Setaplano shower surface merits particular attention here: it is made of a high-quality solid surface material, which in contrast to metal, glass or ceramic, feels pleasantly warm and silky-smooth to the touch and the surface guarantees maximum slip resistance. What’s more, the Geberit Setaplano shower surface is exceptionally easy to clean – certainly an added bonus when used in a hotel.

Shower toilets

With a shower toilet, your hotel guests get to experience gentle cleaning with water, and those with special needs can also enjoy the feeling of freshness and cleanliness all day long too. Geberit AquaClean combines comfort, design and sustainability with renowned Geberit quality to offer aesthetically appealing and innovative solutions for the bathroom. There is the right shower toilet for practically every requirement and any constructional situation – from the elegant, exceptional WC complete solution with its many comfort functions to the flexible WC enhancement solution.

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