A fresh coat of paint in the hotel bathroom

by | 14 Mar 2022 | Products

The days of pristine white bathrooms are quickly becoming a thing of the past, with more recent designs characterised by ever bolder colours. Introducing a range of different colour shades is a great way to make an impact.

When it comes to finding the optimal combination of all bathroom components, one of the key considerations alongside the choice of equipment and visual impact is durability. This is because most hotel bathrooms will be used by thousands of guests over a period of 20 to 30 years and renovated only once – if at all – in this time.

It’s also the reason why white tones are still very much a popular choice, since they are very easy to combine in terms of colour, and people don’t tire of them quickly.

Fresh and bright room climate

When it comes to bathroom walls, on the other hand, the latest popular colour shades include beige, light grey and powder. Neutral colours bring out a modern and timelessly elegant touch.

Moreover, white washbasins and WCs look particularly sophisticated when combined with these colours.

Ideal in combination with white ceramic

Since sanitary facilities are often kept completely white, such as a shower toilet, a splash of colour can create a real impact – particularly when used on the walls. Sand tones, for example, create a feeling of warmth.

By visually conveying a sense of calm and harmony, sand and nude tones have a real harmonising effect in terms of how they look and how they make us feel. Grey is another popular colour that comes in a wide range of shades – mixed with a little brown, grey has a warming effect, but when it has a bluish tint, it has a cooling effect.

If the hotel bathroom lacks a splash of colour next to the white ceramics, pastel colours make for an eye-catching choice: light blue, pink, mint and similar shades provide a sense of lightness and wellbeing in the room, and the beauty of pastels is that they always look lovely and welcoming when combined with white appliances.

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