Five reasons why bowls make food taste better

Homemade dinners, 'to-go' plates, and a rising concern for still getting 'healthy foods' combined with an increasing will to make life easier, have pushed consumers and restaurants to consider presenting and eating their food in bowls.

A ‘to-go’ trend

Eating in a restaurant has been difficult to achieve lately. Homemade dinners, ‘to-go’ plates, and a rising concern for still getting ‘healthy foods’ with an increasing will to make life easier, have pushed consumers and restaurants to present and eat their food in bowls. Flat plates have disappeared from the agenda of fine dining and bowls have gained more popularity, even at home!

Why did eating in a bowl became such a trend? Here are some reasons why bowls make food taste better!

You can ‘fit it all’

Poke bowl, pad thai, bim-bim bap, açai bowl, ramen soup, salads…There are hundreds of options to eat in a bowl, wide enough to contain a whole balanced meal.

Food looking and tasting good

Plating in a bowl makes you avoid big plating mistakes. You can serve less food but make it look more generous with colours popping out and concentrated smells.

One bowl for all

Restaurants’ latest trend has been to use less dishes on the table. Bowls are a great way to serve all types of foods, from appetisers to desserts, and create a ‘home feeling’ for restaurants!

Because you can hold it in your hands

Holding a bowl has a feeling of cosiness. It is a good way to eat wherever you are…Eating from a bowl, even at a restaurant, has somehow a feeling of belonging, of being home.

Endless options

Lastly, the secret to make the food look better in bowls depends on the bowl itself of course.

Revol offers a variety of bowls made in France, and we are happy to introduce a few more in our 2021 assortment!

The everyday bowl – Adélie

The Adelie Bowl is perfect to make beautiful presentations showing all the ingredients. Its depth allows you to cut if necessary and you can even reheat or cook your recipe in it. The bowl adapts to all interior styles with either a soft cream white or a ‘cast iron’ black finish. With two new formats for sides and sauces, this complete collection for elegant tables fits in any type of restaurant.

The eco-friendly bowl – No.W

No.W is the first eco-friendly tableware collection made from 100% recycled ceramics, conceived to produce minimal waste and consume less water and energy. No.W bowl is perfect for all veggie and healthy recipes.

The elegance – Equinoxe

These coupe plates are perfect for pasta, fish and delicate presentations. Its matt pepper-grey version is ideal for brightly coloured culinary creations. Its soft, chalky look, and the black rim that highlights these dishes, pay homage to the ingredients’ natural richness and their assembling.

Colourful – Caractère

With warm colours named after spices, Caractère promises new culinary adventures at the table and on buffets. The bowls are perfect for preparations with sauces.

The ‘raw’ version – Basalt

Basalt is an iconic collection made of black porcelain. Its ‘slate’ look will make any food look amazing!



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