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by | Oct 26, 2017 | Suppliers

Detail is often what sets one hotel apart from another. When the details have been considered, whether it be toiletries in the bathroom or the handy placement of a lightswitch or a chocolate accompanying your coffee at the end of a meal, it makes the guest feel like they will be well looked after because, after all, if the small things are taken care of, that means the bigger things like services and experiences are sure to be thought about in minute detail too. But often it can be tricky to think of all these little details at once, not to mention knowing where to go to source all of the diverse products that make up a unique guest experience. That’s where German company Zieher comes in. Zieher has a carefully curated selection of products that tie the different elements of your hotel together, and often in a fun and quirky way. From candle holders to exquisite delph, Zieher has sourced the best and most individual products so you can choose from a wide selection for every area of your hotel from just the one company.

With a focus on the culinary side of things, Zieher has all areas of the kitchen covered. Some of our favourite products help create an atmosphere of elegance in the dining room, such as the innovative selection of glassware that they supply to brighten up any buffet table or place setting. Their Cuspis range is a set of glassware that helps to not only keep edible products that you might find at a breakfast or lunch buffet fresh throughout the morning afternoon, but this range also allows the restaurant staff to display and present the food in an interesting way that really highlights the deliciousness of the food. The range of Vision wine glasses will make that glass of rose all the more appealing, with undulating shapes that look great on a table or stored hanging above a bar.

The Ice range of products add a touch of class to the presentation of any culinary dish. A selection of eye-catching plates and slabs perfect for the serving of sushi, the Ice range is made from compressed glass chips that give the products the appearance of having been just cut from a frozen lake. The Amuse set of glassware is certainly playful, and are perfect for highlighting appetizers that come straight from the active imagination of the chef. Zieher’s products make the dining room come to life, and each plate will be more exciting than the next.

― About the Supplier ―

Zieher glasses are all about top quality craftsmanship, which is created in one of the most innovative and best glass blowing workshops in the world.


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