YotelPad seeks to create hybrid of Airbnb and traditional hotels

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Chains

Yotel specializes in offering company rooms with a high-tech guest experience. This, however, may be poised to change soon.

Meet YotelPad. It’s a new concept from Yotel that industry experts say could be considered a hybrid between an Airbnb and a traditional hotel concept. Yotel CEO Hubert Viriot has been quoted saying he sees YotalPad as ideal for travelers that need accommodations for longer than just a few nights.

“It’s a natural extension for our brand,” Viriot has said. “We’ve been very focused on very short stays for the past four years, with YotelAir at airports and with Yotel in cities. They specialize in two- to three-night stays maximum, and they’re designed for busy travelers looking for efficiency and being on the move, jumping form one city to the other.”

What is YotelPad?

YotelPad is looking to open its first branded residence in Park City, Utah in the United States. The debut is slated to happened in December 2019. The brand is working to develop four other residences in Dubai, Miami, and Geneva Lake, Switzerland, which will have two.

Industry experts wonder, however, have criticized the messaging for the new brand, describing it as muddled. This problem makes it challenging to discern what the yet-to-open brand will look like. It does appear, however, that YotelPad will be a condo hotel that accommodates extended stay guests.

Some experts believe some of the YotelPad projects will be purely made up of condominiums or branded residences while other will operate as a typical extended stay brand would.

Condo Hotels

Jo Harrington, Yotel’s vice president of brand, was quoted as saying the majority of YotelPad’s initial developments will be condo hotels or branded residences. This means that individual units inside them will be sold to owners. The owners can then put those units into the rental market via whatever platform the choose.

When the owners book their units, however, they must also pay a commission to Yotel for servicing/managing the units.

“It’s not extended stay hotels. It’s for the extended stay market,” Harrington said. “It’s for anyone who wants a longer stay. The vast majority of the projects we’ll do are ones where you own an individual unit. There may be some pockets in the world where we don’t do that, however. The projects we’re working on now, like Park City and Miami, [are ones where] owners will be able to buy those units. The Miami project will be on top of the hotel [a Yotel hotel property, as part of a mixed-use development.] Where we have a hotel [and we have these types of units], we may brand them as YotelPads and they may not be individually owned.”

With the continued rise of Airbnb, it is entirely possible this sort of concept may become more wide-spread in the future.



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