World leaders slept on Slumberland beds during the G7 summit in Biarritz

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Suppliers

As this year’s G7 summit was held in the beautiful coastal town, Biarritz, located in the south-west part of France, the leaders of some of the wealthiest countries in the world slept in exclusive beds produced by Hilding Anders.
The beds are produced in a small town called Pove del Grappa located 90 kilometres North of Venice, and are part of our Slumberland range which consist of some of the most exclusive beds and mattresses of our brand portfolio.
“We are very proud of the Slumberland range, and it is our go-to brand when we deal with high level customers operating luxurious hotels such as Hotel Du Palais Hyatt di Biarritz. As of today we are delivering Slumberland beds to some of the most luxurious 5-star hotel chains around the world and we are continuously working on developing the brand offering to the hospitality industry”, says Ulf Nilsson, General Manager of Hilding Anders’ Business Line, Hotel & Marine.
The Slumberland brand caters to both consumers and the hospitality industry and is primarily sold in Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand and China, having approximately 250 operated and franchise stores in the latter country. The brand is also sold by Hilding Anders in France, Italy Singapore and Hong Kong.
The extensive range of attractive and unique beds and mattresses makes Slumberland a perfect partner for any hotel chain. Any travel experience is significantly enhanced by one’s quality of sleep and ability to rest comfortably. As Slumberland cooperates closely with various international hotel chains, we play a vital part in providing travelers around the world with the cherished luxury and comfort of home that they truly deserve.
“Being selected as preferred business partner by Hotel Du Palais Hyatt, is a great recognition of the continuous efforts that Slumberland has been making over years to ensure that people have a superior sleeping experience wherever they go”, concludes Marco Righi, President of Hilding Anders’ Slumberland Division.

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The mission of Hilding Anders is “Giving the world a good night’s sleep” .


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