Why hotels today need QA and QC: an HPGI MEA case study

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Suppliers

In a market that is overwrought with competition, quality has become a key distinguishing factor amongst luxury hotels today

In a market that is overwrought with competition, quality has become a key distinguishing factor amongst luxury hotels today. Complementing the quality of a hotel’s service is the quality of all the items available within the hotel. Therefore, as with all good practices, the highest standards of quality must be applied from the inaugural stage itself. This is achieved by an expertly operated supply chain system. Driven by two critical factors – cost and quality, supply chain consultants must work towards achieve both without compromising on either.

The two integral facets of a hotel’s supply chain system are Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). Often used interchangeably, QA is initiated at the planning and concept stage. This practice is later enforced/administered by regular QC checks across various stages from production to installation. For supply chain consultants at HPG International Middle East and Africa (HPGI MEA), QA/QC is a layered, ongoing process. Rejected items owing to poor quality can have a critical impact on project timelines. All vendors in the HPGI MEA database undergo stringent pre-qualification checks. This results in a shortlist of vendors that reflect the same high standards of quality.

With the help of a dedicated QA QC team for all their projects, timely QC checks at critical junctures are standard practice at HPGI MEA. Prototypes are produced before mass production begins with HPGI MEA’s dedicated QC resource overseeing the entire process on ground at the manufacturer. A final inspection is conducted before packing, with an inspection report that is submitted to the client in real time format.

Quality control is also practiced on-site. Once the goods are delivered to the property, HPGI MEA’s QC personnel conducts a thorough check of quality and quantity before accepting deliveries. An inspection report is prepared at this stage for the client’s review. Transparency across the process also ensures accountability. Identifying and resolving client grievances are also part of the continued QA QC process for HPGI MEA. If expertly operated, a satisfied end customer is just one of the many benefits of a high quality, proficient supply chain system.

HPGI MEA was recently awarded the ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001: 2018, displaying their commitment to quality and excellence. Their project portfolio includes the iconic Queen Elizabeth II, The Edition Hotel & Apartments, Fairmont Fujairah Beach resort and more.

HPG International’s Middle East & Africa operations, based in Dubai, UAE is a subsidiary of Provision Advisory Services, LLC. More information on HPG International Middle East & Africa and other suppliers can be found on TOPHOTELSUPPLIER, the first complete directory about all leading hotel suppliers.

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