Why hotel food and beverage is on the rise

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Experts, Interview

Food & Beverage is recognized as an essential contributor to a hotel’s positioning within the market. Consumers have become more demanding when it comes to the F&B quality.

The overall consumer spending is increasing. In a 2018 report of The Technomic, the total spending of consumers within hotels, including restaurants, bars, lounges, banquets, catering, and room service is totaled to $48.7 billion in 2018. It is a non-negligible number that managers are taking into consideration and are taking actions within their facilities.

Food is not only a necessity but a journey

Customers are not solely looking for a place to stay anymore. They are taking the whole experience into account, and as much as food is a basic need, it is also a source of pleasure. As a result, in the past five to ten years, consumers have become more demanding when it comes to food and beverage quality and the dining experience.

The days of only booking a hotel room for the sake of it are gone. For instance, customers are increasingly looking to book rooms that provide free breakfasts. It is convenient but also part of the experience. When observing the evaluation of the customer satisfaction levels towards the food, services, prices and the general environment created by the hotel F&B outlet, it is discerned of how it enhances the overall hotel competitiveness.

Hotels are looking to innovate and provide a higher degree of satisfaction to their guests, to contribute to their added value.

Food and beverage play a part in brand recognition

Hotel Food & Beverage has been recognized as an essential contributor to a hotel’s positioning within its market. It is partially due to chefs elevated to celebrity status. They can bring instant brand recognition to your hotel restaurant. On another hand, hoteliers can create their own celebrity chef through marketing. It requires time, but hotels can build their brand around a chef with personality who cooks well.

Another contributing point are lists of best bars and restaurants, and there are at least three of the top five that are at hotel bars, and it is the same with restaurants. Some restaurants find success by standing up alone and strengthen the hotel’s brand.

Banquet Business drives profits

Food and Beverage are helping properties to stand out from the crowd and to do so, some hotels rely on banquets for revenue and profits. Guests usually pay per person for an open bar for events. The revenues are generally higher than the costs. Weddings can also contribute to the number of rooms booked in a hotel.

Food and Beverage is the heart and soul of the property

In an interview, the CEO of AccorHotels explains how Food and Beverage is one of the main ways for a hotel to communicate that is has been rebranded; for example trough a new, fresh, innovative menu concept but also through its restaurant design. Managers should turn their restaurant into a premium dining experience that focuses on the whole package including the food, lighting, music, decor, and wine lists. This way, the restaurant will be not only the attraction to bring new customers in but also an incentive for current guests to return.

Food and Beverage also allows a significant interaction with the hotel employees and gives an opportunity for properties to showcase their values as employees are a mirroring of what the hotel represents. It is also why, it is essential to have well-trained employees in this field of the hotel.

In conclusion

Food and beverage is now just as essential. Consumers preferences are changing, and hoteliers should differentiate themselves through their food and beverage programs.


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