Which table makes a chef great?

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Suppliers

What tools do the chefs use to achieve wider goals to delight guests at a restaurant table?

What attracts us and creates interest in great chefs? Part of the answer must be their culinary skills, with which they tune the food, their virtuosity in the kitchen. But is that the only reason why we find them so convincing? There are many professional chefs with whom Norbert Fischbach, founder of the livecookintable modular system, cooked together in his early professional years, such as the Italian icon Gualtiero Marchesi, London-based Swiss Anton Mosimann, 3-star chef Joachim Wissler or Hans Hass from the Tantris restaurant. What helps enable chefs to reach their peak? There must be something beyond the cooking ability alone that drives great chefs to the culinary Olympus.

It is what distinguishes great cooks from their very good contemporaries. The way they use their culinary skills outside the restaurant kitchen. What tools do they use to achieve wider goals to delight guests at a restaurant table?

Norbert Fischbach from livecookintable shares his thoughts: “Cooking is more than the power and knowledge of food, preparation, merciless precision and attention to the detail. Cooking is also entertainment, interaction and communication – three important impulses that we fulfill today with our livecookintable. It is the ultimate chefs table.” The best chefs have a talent that gives their lives a meaning beyond the kitchen. They become their own brand, and livecookintable supports this by offering the perfect stage.


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