Where is Curio Collection by Hilton Expanding Next?

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Chains

Curio Collection by Hilton is a unique brand in Hilton’s stable of luxury selections, in that it collects a series of individual and distinctive hotels, each of which has its own special history and character. These Curio Collection by Hilton hotels are located in many different cities throughout the globe, and the selection of cities in which these hotels are found is set to expand very soon.

In the coming years, Hilton Worldwide plans to complete 48 projects under the Curio Collection by Hilton brand. These 48 projects will offer guests a combined selection of 5,562 new rooms for guests, according to information from TOPHOTELPROJECTS database.

In fact, the start of this wave of new hotels has already begun, with the first location having opened in 2016. This coming year, however, will be the most eventful for Curio Collection by Hilton, as the brand has plans in place to complete a total of 14 new hotel construction projects. The growth slows down a bit after this year, as Curio has 22 hotel construction projects slated for completion in 2018. Currently, there are also 12 projects planned to debut in the year 2019 and beyond.

Of these new construction projects, the vast majority will be located in the United States, where 25 projects are slated to be completed for Curio, creating 5,711 new available rooms for guests of Hilton’s brand. This aggressive expansion into the United States mirrors a recent trend that has seen many smaller, boutique style offerings concentrating on that continent. Curio Collection by Hilton has forgone any expansion into Asia and Australia, where many larger brand offerings are focusing their attentions.

In terms of other regions, Curio Collection by Hilton is opening 11 new projects in 1,092 room on the European continent. Meanwhile, they will be opening 1 project for a massive 730 rooms in the Middle East. Given the small number of projects there and the larger number of rooms, the brand is likely to be opening a special larger variety of its normal offerings.

Finally, Curio Collection by Hilton also has plans for minor expansion in the remaining two regions into which the global hospitality industry is broken up into—Africa and Latin America. In Africa, Curio by Hilton will be opening 1 project with 54 new rooms for guests, and then in Latin America, the brand will be debuting 7 projects that will create 923 new rooms for guests.


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