What’s happening in Dubai’s hospitality industry right now?

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Projects

The TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database presents users with a unique look and a special set of insights for one of the hottest hospitality markets in the world.

Dubai is one of the hottest hospitality markets in the entire world, but it wasn’t always like that. As recently as 25 years ago, there was almost nothing where the city is now, just a spot of land that would one day excellently lend itself to the development of some of the most advanced and lavish hotel properties in the entire world.

With that in mind, we recently took a look inside the TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database for some insights into the upcoming hotel project database in Dubai, as well as for a look at some exciting new projects that are coming soon there. Here’s what we found:

Upcoming Hotel Project Database for Dubai

According to information from the TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database, the hotel project pipeline in Dubai is one that is both healthy and robust. At present, there are 155 projects underway that once completed will yield a total of 48,112 rooms for guests.

What’s more is that many of these projects are well underway. In fact, a strong majority of 63 percent—which breaks down to 97 total projects—is currently under construction. To put that into clearer context, that means that 7 percent are in the pre-planning phase, while 17 percent are in the planning phase, and 13 percent are in the pre-opening phase.

Other info available from the TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database shows that 46 percent of the Dubai project pipeline will be designated first class hotel projects while 54 percent will be designated as luxury hotels. Meanwhile, 33 percent are slated to open in 2019, with 50 percent slated for the years thereafter and another 17 percent of straggling hotels for the remaining weeks of this year.

Upcoming Hotel Projects in Dubai

A look inside the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database also revealed a glimpse of the biggest new projects coming soon to Dubai, including these two below:

Oyster Resort Dubai – With a total of 1,748 rooms, this hotel has 45 floors, a height of 275 meters and a total surface of 232.000m² / 2.500.000 ft².

Paramount Tower Hotel & Residences Dubai — The 64-storey tower comprises retail on the ground floor, a hotel and residences, along with an array of signature Paramount Hotels & Resorts amenities for guests and residents alike. The hotel also features a private Paramount Pictures screening room, a rooftop infinity swimming pool with a terrace and a fitness and wellness center with a state-of-the-art spa.

Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway in Dubai:

Hilton Dubai World Central, Dubai South

Park Inn by Radisson Residence Dubai Jumeirah Village Triangle

Anantara Dubai Creek Hotel


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