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by | May 10, 2017 | Suppliers

The hotel supply industry moves fast, so fast that keeping up with it can be difficult for even the most vigilant hotel designers, owners and operators. To that end, we’ve created a weekly aggregate of hotel supply news that time-pressed stakeholders can refer to in order to catch up.

Kaldewei Launches Cayono Duo

Kaldewei has released its newest collection, the new Cayono Duo bath, which actually marks Kaldewei’s very first ever double ended bath, and the good news is that it comes at an entry level price point. This newly released model also offers both operators and investors alike a cost-effective bathroom fit-out solution, one that comes complete with two comfortable backrests, a roomy interior and waste and overflow outlets that are centrally positioned for maximum ease of use with minimal inconvenience.

The Cayono Duo bath by Kaldewei is constructed from robust Kaldewei steel enamel. It also allows for a bit of customization in terms of the space in which it is installed, because the model comes in two sizes: 170 x 75 cm and 180 x 80 cm. The Cayono bath family has been a popular one for Kaldewei, and the Cayono Duo is the perfect extension of the work that Kaldewei has already established. For those who are interested, the Cayono Duo’s new Cayonoplan enameled shower surface can be combined with the rest of the installments in the collection.

Bellavista Collection Undergoes an Expansion

At Salone del Mobile, which took place during the Milan Design Week 2017, the popular and famed Bellavista Collection debuted several new additions, including tables that were of the handmade variety, as well as a number of seating and lighting solutions, all of which have been inspired by Italian architecture. The end result is a vibrant collection that features a cosmopolitan look that carries a contemporary motif all throughout.

The Bellavista Collection offers a bespoke approach to hotel room interiors or even lobby spaces, and it is the creation of brothers Attillio and Fabrizio Zanni, a duo that first participated as presenters at Salone del Mobile Milano back in 2004, before then returning to the event again in 2010 with the first and opening version of the Bellavista Collection. The Bellavista Collection is exclusively made in Italy, and it demonstrates a deep commitment to keeping the artisanal heritage and intricate skill of traditional hand-made furniture craftsmanship alive within the modern global hospitality industry.


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