What is hotel procurement? febc provides a definition from their perspective

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Suppliers

Hotel procurement is one of the most important stages in the launch of a new hotel. Traditionally hotel procurement was seen as a one-man job where sourcing and purchasing hotel items from vendors, suppliers and manufacturers was done in house, or externally by an individual. Hotel procurement is much more than just getting a good deal. Given the right charm anyone can bargain!

Generally speaking there is a difference between purchasing and procurement. Purchasing merely refers to the process of ordering goods. Procurement on the other hand is an entire function that includes the activities, processes and consultancy services required for the duration of a project. FF&E Procurement stands for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. This encompasses anything from loose furniture sofas to tables. OS&E Procurement on the other hand stands for Operational Supplies and Equipment. OS&E does not require any installation, they include minibars, cutlery utensils and several other hotel items. The simplest way to describe FF&E and OS&E is that if you were to turn a hotel upside down and shake it, anything that falls out is in that category.

Hotel owners are increasingly aware that curating their own FF&E, OS&E procurement service is not sustainable. A procurement company that easily understands the needs and builds effective strategies is the difference between the success and failure of a hotel.

All the stages of the procurement process can be demanding and tedious and this is why hoteliers like to have a procurement company on board early on that has the experience and know how to be with them from every step of the way, take-off to handover. The process involves, planning, collaboration, procurement purchasing, logistics, delivery and handover.

febc has a vision, and that is to transform the procurement business from commodity sourcing to consulting craft. With a strategic presence in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia febc has the capacity to take on any project and deliver exemplary results.


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Founded in 1989, febc delivers FF&E, OS&E procurement and Fit-Out & Joinery Works to hotels all around the world.



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