The next generation of wearable technology is here – a smart bracelet that allows hotel guests to access their rooms, make payments, share experiences on social networks, and receive personalized services while maintaining information security.


A Smart VIB (Very Important Bracelet)
provided to the Hard Rock hotel by Privium Solutions

When checking in at the hotel, guests are given the Smart VIB in lieu of a room key and are able to connect their Paypal account to the bracelet without compromising its access control function. After connecting to their account, guests are able to pay for hotel services simply by holding the bracelet to a reader. The technology also allows for completely customizable access. Guests are only given access to their room and common areas so there’s less overlap and anomalies or attempts to subvert the system are more easily recognized.

The benefits for hoteliers are not only on this practical side, it will also increase customer knowledge, and enables Up & Cross-Selling.  With audience Tracking: real time monitoring & audience profiling, the bracelet technology combines analytics with other hotel/chain properties and can builds a loyalty program powered by social media integration.
Understanding your customer makes that Smart VIB offers new revenue streams and increased turnover.

 width=What’s Next?

Privium Solutions also launched the Smart VIB app for Apple WatchTM, available in 10 languages.
It notably promotes hotels and destinations and allows users to manage their bookings. When the guest arrives at a destination airport, a notification will visualize a list of transportation options to your hotel. When you arrive at the hotel, a notification shows you your room number with instructions for using Apple Watch to unlock your room and when you arrive at the bar, you’ll be asked via notification if you’d like your usual drink brought to your table.


More information on Privium Solutions can be found on TOPHOTELSUPPLIER,  the first complete directory about all leading hotel suppliers.

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