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Want to stay in a vegan hotel? In Thailand, you now can

by | May 3, 2019 | News

One of the spacious luxury villas of the world’s first luxury vegan hotel.

PlantLife Hotel Sanctuary, a plant-based hotel where guests can enjoy the company of rescued animals, will soon launch its luxurious vegan travel experience

The world’s first environmentally-friendly, vegan luxury hotel sanctuary is set to open soon in Thailand.

Dubbed PlantLife Hotel Sanctuary, the property aims to create an opportunity for guests to spend time in the company of rescued animals and explore the surrounding nature.

The new hotel’s mission is simple: provide a luxurious vegan travel experience and create enjoyable vacation experiences without compromising ethics.


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“If we can live in luxury without causing harm to our planet, to animals, and to our health, then this is what we must do,” reads the PlantLife Hotel Sanctuary website. “We believe that it is not necessary for anyone to suffer in order for us to meet the needs of our guests. The wellbeing of our guests, the planet and our fellow animals is tremendously important to us and close to our hearts, therefore we ensure we are vegan in every aspect of our operations and of our lives.”

PlantLife Hotel Sanctuary’s founders

The founders of PlantLife Hotel Sanctuary are Joanna and Alex Hellier.

Perhaps fittingly, the duo met while traveling, bonding over a shared disappointment that there is often a lack of vegan or environmentally-friendly accommodations in many parts of the world.

Things like animal-derived food, single-use plastic-wrapped slippers and chemical cleaners are very difficult to avoid in many hotels.

This inspired the pair to build their own vegan and sustainable hotel.

More about the hotel sanctuary

The luxurious hotel features 23 spacious luxury villas on nearly five acres of land rich with coconut palms. All food served here will be vegan and organic, made from locally-sourced ingredients.

Furnishings will be made of organic cotton, bamboo and pineapple-based leather. By using only solar power and natural materials, the sanctuary aims to be waste-free and energy neutral.

In addition to its visiting human guests, the hotel will be a sanctuary for 100 rescued animals, many of which will be cats and dogs previously living on the streets around Thailand.

“We are both long-term vegans for the animals, for the environment and for our health,” said the couple. “We are environmentalists who are passionate about sustainable living. And we are animal lovers who ache to help strays and injured animals more than we are currently capable.”

PlantLife Hotel Sanctuary has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $870,000 needed to build the resort.

Campaign supporters are considered PlantLife members, and they will have a chance to win one of four weekly prizes, including a three-night stay at the resort. This giveaway aims to provide funds for construction and is set to run for three years.


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