Wall of Venice

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Suppliers

One of Rubelli’s brand new wall covering called “Paja Wall“

Rubelli presents its sixth collection of wall coverings – Walls of Venice VI.

The new collection includes five textile items produced at the Rubelli mill in recycled polyester and natural fibres (and later bonded with cellulose nonwoven fabric) and two wall coverings in vinyl, made in Italy and certified for contract and marine use.
Their names clearly reference their features – Stuoia Wall, Watermark Wall, Lacework Wall, Opalino Wall and Swing Wall.

The two wall coverings in vinyl are Paja Wall, a multitasker reminiscent of a natural straw weave, and Diecielode Wall, that originates from the fabric of the same name.
Micro and macro textures, textural effects, sophisticated weaves, 3D patterns in neutral colours – ranging from natural to grey via aqua shades – also venturing into brighter shades in the two items in vinyl.


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About the Supplier

Rubelli, a textile design company at the forefront in the design and production of fabrics for interiors, has operated on the contract market since 1987 with Trevira CS flame retardant fabrics.


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